A very stressed me sat with a good friend one Friday afternoon in Sommerville, MA. He could not only see my nerves that day, he could feel them across the couch. He knew I was stressed about something personal.

“Heyyyy, hey; c’mon it’s funny…” He started.

He paused in that fleeting moment, and just before he finished his thought, I was almost angry— thinking to myself, this is not funny; I am stressed; this is serious; I am nervous.

“It’s life, kid, it’s fun. It’s funny. It’s all a joke, we’re all laughing; it’s just life.” He said.

We both began to laugh.

He was right. It’s just life.

We are only given one and I shouldn’t waste a second of it taking myself, or anything for that matter, too seriously.

I went home and laid in bed thinking about his words that night.

I am the girl that drives around looking at real-estate sites in my bathing suit. I’m the girl that used to write my workouts moments before a class and kill it. The girl who changes clothes at an airport before a party, does my makeup in taxis and goes for days without showering during ski season— no stress.

Yet, in that moment, on that hot August day, I had gotten away from that #vacationstateofmind I usually have while driving around looking at real estate sites in my bathing suit.

It is just life; and mentally, anyone can calm themselves down and relax. It is all about being in control enough to put yourself in the right mindset.

In the months before I moved to Boston, I had let my life control me; I had not been the one in control. I was a slave to the clock and to responsibilities. They were responsibilities I had taken on myself but I was taking myself too seriously and being too hard on me.

Other people told me along the way to “relax,” “don’t stress” “you worry too much” etc. But nothing had struck a chord with me like his words did. Maybe I wasn’t ready to make a change back then, maybe I didn’t have the confidence to relax in that time. Either way, that August day—I was ready–  I heard the advice.

Now that I live in Boston I have a fresh slate; I can literally create my own life and have been doing so, albeit well, I think. I am thankful that just when I started overthinking things that August day and taking it all too seriously, he said those words.

His advice helped me and I want to share with you. It also inspired me to take a photo in that bathing suit.


I will always love this photo because I spent more hours in this suit last summer than I did in anything else. I will always remember being mindful of #vacationstateofmind summer 2014, and this photo will help me remember.

Put yourself in the mindset, YOU choose the mindset because YOU have the power to choose that mindset, and OWN IT.

Your mindset sets the tone for your vibe, your productivity and your attitude.

The way I see it, I consider #vacationstateofmind being “relaxingly focused.”

Being relaxingly focused means you are relaxed enough to keep an open mind, never resisting or shutting down another perspective, school of thought, new friend or idea. Yet, cognitively clear enough to see the end goal and work consistently and strategically, at your own pace to get it done.

Thank you, good friend, for reminding me: it’s all a joke; it’s fun; it’s just life.




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