On October 1, 2013 I began my new job in real estate development. Within hours of meeting my first co-worker in Rhode Island we began discussing health and fitness. Tracey shared with me her recent weightloss story. I was in awe. She had not only lost a TON of weight, but had done so in a sustainable, realistic way over time and with a lot dedication. But at this moment in time she felt she had plateaued and she attributed the plateau to her nutrition. I told her how passionate I am about nutrition and shared with her some of my tips and tricks–one of those being my shakes.

I spent my very first lunch break feverishly typing away the ingredients to my various shake recipes. By the end of my first day the email of recipes had circulated through the entire company. By my second week, which I spent in the Indianapolis office, they had purchased a Nutri-bullet and were avid shake fiends!

Tracey sent me this, and still loves these shakes, Go Trace!


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