A makeup artist is to the face as a kettlebell is to….the body.

Ladies: ever wake up, look in the mirror and thank God for makeup?

Men: ever wake up, look in the mirror and wish you could fix your face with makeup?

Well, after a long weekend, I had to take some photos for this website and I was thankful for makeup. My girl, Kit, worked some magic on my dark circles, sleepy eyes and random acne.

See below.

But here is the thing:

The week before my SFG certification, I took time off from lifting. I had to teach my spinning classes per usual (so I still did cardio), but I just didn’t feel as “tight” without lifting for 5 days.

I realized that in the past, when I travel that “flabby” feeling you get after not touching heavy iron for a week or so was similar to how I felt days leading up to the SFG.

When you travel or you on vacation, typically you walk a lot; that excess cardio is not the same as a kettlebell.

Cardio and lifting are not created equal, in my opinion.

Even if you are at a caloric deficient, (not that many of us are while we vacation), you still do not feel tight without that iron.

My mom recently began learning how to lift kettlebells and barbells. She said that for the first time she had an epiphany. In college she ran miles and miles. She was an aerobics queen. She was thin.

But she said to me just the other day, “I always wondered by all the college guys had tiny waists and strong lean shoulders but never ran; they only lifted. Now I get it.”

God love her.

Hereto I shall express my gratitude for the kettlebell.

Dear Kettle Bell,

Thank you for being the tool with which I use to chisel my body, give me strong (“sculpted”) muscles and fix me up the way I can naturally look (just like my girl Kit designs my face with all of her makeup tools).



If you have not yet picked up a kettlebell or a heavy weight, start today!

I am available for distance coaching in 2015, and in the meantime, try some of the at home workouts from the #daretomove KettleBell Training tab at CROF.





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