Dare To Eat Community – Return DTE client 1 month


The Discount Bundle gives you access to our newest e-book, The Basic Guide to Back-to-School Eating: Recipes, Meal Prep, and More for Anyone with a Busy Lifestyle, as well as the following discount coupons:

  • 25% Off a Dare To Eat Accountability Group Program
  • 25% Off an order of Crossroads of Fitness Apparel
  • 25% Off a Dare To Move Program
  • 25% Off a Crossroads of Fitness E-Book




This program provides individualized calorie and macro goals throughout the month, but differs from the standard #DareToEat program in that it does not provide one-on-one check-ins via email or accountability with a Crossroads of Fitness Coach weekly call for free. You will receive a starting program and weekly program updates from your coach, and support, question answering, and accountability through the Private Group. Group members are expected to send their check-ins to the Facebook Group daily and share successes, challenges, recipe ideas, and more.


It costs $100 to sign-up for one month as a first time community member, and it’s $75 every month thereafter. For the 3 month enrollment, you get it for $225, or 200 for Back to school deal!


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