Last week in “Six diet things I stopped stressing about, part I” I discussed how I relinquished my obsession over sugar, salt and carbs in order to find more consistency in my diet.

Letting go of these aspects of my diet and honing in on calories and protein streamlined my mindset, making it easier to stay lean all year round.

I will have you know it did NOT happen over night, of course not.

The thing is, I had my phases where I stressed over sugar and salt and carbs, but those weren’t the only things I worried about.

I also wasted way too much time stressing over today’s subjects: fats, veggies, and meal timing.

I want to go over the things I worried about and hopefully help you learn how to better manage your qualms to find more consistency with your diet and getting leaner.

If you haven’t read and watched the videos from part I, do that first!

Here are three things I stopped stressing about:

1) Fats


  • I didn’t realize I would be A-OK with the fats I got from whole foods
  • I was eating too many calories when I emphasized fats in my diet
  • My digestion didn’t feel so great when I ate high fat
  • Higher fat meant lower carbs and I felt less energetic


  • I stopped prioritized fat as much and focused only on making sure there was protein in the meal or snack
  • I would eat nut butter if I felt like it, but would make sure not to over do it, especially on days when I planned to eat other fats
  • I wouldn’t worry about not having a perfect serving of fat at each meal
  • I used PB2 more in my shakes because I knew I would get fat elsewhere throughout the day and didn’t need nut butter every morning of every day.
  • I made sure to track what I ate so I could make sure I was getting enough fats from the right sources
  • I check in with every now and then to see how my fat intake looks
  • Check out this article for more info on fats.

2) Veggies


  • I was often very bloated from eating too many veggies
  • I was beating myself up on days I couldn’t have all four servings of vegetables I planned
  • I was buying a lot in the store and wasting them because they would go bad quickly
  • I was preparing them with a LOT of coconut oil and in turn ingesting more fats than necessary


  • I started to look at my veggie intake on the week as whole
  • I looked at variety over the week span, not day-to-day
  • I ate based on how I felt and didn’t force feed myself veggies
  • I worried more about calories and less about eating the rainbow
  • Read more on veggies in this article I wrote last winter: “Four things most people don’t consider about veggies” 


3) Meal Frequency


  • I was putting pressure on myself to eat too many meals and feeling like a failure if I missed one
  • Having so many meals to eat each day sometimes lead me to over eat just slightly at each one and then on the day as a whole consume more than I needed
  • I liked the idea of three meals; it was much simpler and easier to plan
  • I had to realize that not everyday would be easy and some days in order to have an energy balance I would have to eat six small meals. I realized I wasn’t being adaptable.


  • Becoming adaptable by letting go of hard and fast rules
  • Tracking what I ate and making sure the calories were where I needed them to be each day– that’s all that actually matters
  • Making sure I was being realistic and listening to my body


Wrapping Up!

A lot of us go through phases where we stress over certain aspects of our diet. Try your best to remember that calories are king; as long as you know how much you are eating on a  daily basis you will be in control of your ability to get leaner or stay lean all year round.

Protein comes second. Protein is something to prioritize in your diet as it helps grow and repair muscles and keep you feeling full for less calories.

If you can relate to the videos above and want to chat, please feel free to email me at!






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