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I dare you to move, I dare you to jump, I dare you to lift, laugh and play. I dare you to flip; I dare you to ski. I dare you to say “hey.” I dare you to resist idleness. Because without movement, we can go nowhere; our bodies are our tools to do everything. So let’s explore and discuss how to move, how to move better and how to get stronger. Whether it’s skateboarding, rock climbing, skiing or handstand push-ups, I DARE YOU to move.


I took the photo above one glorious fall morning in 2012. Back then, I was just as passionate about fitness as I am today. However, my every day actions didn’t add up. The things I was doing were fun but I was too tough on myself, all the while expecting results that my actions would never yield. For instance, this photo was taken on mile two of a ten mile route I would do once or twice a week. I logged tons of running miles (around 35-45 miles a week one summer) on the road and hours on the spin bike. That year my only resistance training was only TRX. I did not lift weights, but I ate a paleo diet. As soon as I began a paleo diet I saw some positive changes but it was a tough diet to eat for me as a runner. Things just weren’t adding up. I had digestive issues, I didn’t have a body I totally loved, and I made myself run for hours when I really only loved the first twenty and last ten minutes of every run.

I have since learned what works for me and my health. I learned how much I love lifting and how much kettlebell training takes me back to my most athletic days as a gymnast. Before 2012 spent four years studying endurance training and working on my own personal endurance– I will always have a passion for it. These days I just don’t do as many long runs because it doesn’t feel as good. Now that I have found the “secret” to what works for me for sustainable health and nutrition, I want to help others find it too by exploring all types of fitness.

Due to various life experiences I have been blessed to meet, interact with and learn from people all across the country. I hope this website, Crossroads of Fitness, can be just like my home state of Indiana, The  Crossroads of America. This will be a hub for learning, sharing and motivating people to find the healthiest version of themselves.

Welcome, look around, and enjoy! Don’t hesitate to reach out via the Contact Me page, send me #daretomove pics, and sign up for the #Daretomove Motivator!



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