I dare you to move, I dare you to jump, I dare you to lift, laugh and play. I dare you to flip; I dare you to ski. I dare you to say “hey.” I dare you to resist idleness. Because without movement, we can go nowhere; our bodies are our tools to do everything. So let’s explore and discuss how to move, how to move better and how to get stronger. Whether it’s skateboarding, rock climbing, skiing or handstand push-ups, I DARE YOU to move.

Being healthy means feeling good.

It means avoiding injury and having strength.

Strength comes in many forms but I am of the opinion that having physical strength can prove a lot to the mind. In my life, my physical strength has helped carry me emotionally and mentally. At CROF I want to help people find all three types of strength by providing examples of tools to use. In the end, I hope people will find a way to enjoy movement in life and have strength be a by product of the consistent action.

Being healthy means understanding your body. A good example of a healthy mind-body relationship might be knowing you are dehydrated and drinking more water or feeling “spent” and taking recovery day. Another may be knowing when your body needs more carbohydrates or fat. I want people to learn to be in-tune with their body.

No matter how many scientific articles we read, or diet/nutrition/exercise plans we try and follow, the most scientific, exact tool one can posesse is the talent or ability to adhere to and trust that the body knows best, and giving it what it needs.

Being healthy means having a balanced life. This means you have “work” that fulfills you, you take time for more than three hobbies in your life, you connect with others and you experience new things. It about enriching your life. The healthier one is and the more consistent they are with nutrition and movement, the easier it is to work on incorporating these things on a weekly basis.

The best thing about the #daretomove mantra is that moving may mean playing tag, or touring a new city. It may be climbing a tree with your kids, it may be riding bikes on a date or pushing it with tempo runs in a kettlebell workout.

It’s your life– healthy lives are created by design and you have the power.






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