Pretty cute, right?

On this particular morning in Chicago I got up and went for a light jog just to get outside. Afterward I drank my delicious shake and showered, I decided to blow-dry my hair using a very moisturizing hair serum.

Then I put lotion on my face.

I used my favorite eye cream.

I put some lotion on my dry legs.

Nothing abnormal, right? Well, my advice to any of you that plan on lifting heavy kettlebells is to NEVER do any of the above before lifting, EVER.

Not only was I a sweatier mess than usual at the 10 a.m. class I attended that morning but my form was off from slipping all over the bells. The chalk and I were not getting along.

Any good lotion’s first ingredient should be water, (not mineral oil), and thus the water my hands had absorbed from the morning routine bubbled during a snatch finisher. Eventually that water needed to surface from the pressure of the snatch and the result was the photo above.

PS the snatch workout finisher was:

Six snatches each arm OTM (On the Top of the Minute) for 7 minutes.

If you lift and you want to avoid terribly dry hands try using this Corn Husker’s lotion. Some CVS pharmacies carry it, some don’t. It’s a great, old school product!



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