Tonight as I lay here thankful for the consistency in my life, I realized something that one may find to be a “trick” or “tip” rather, I could give you all as to how one finds consistency; thus I will share:

I personally am thankful for the consistency I have in my training. I love to run intervals, I love to run 35-55 min longer runs, I spin now and then and I freakin’ LOVE kettlebell training.

If I told people who want to lose weight, “Yeah just do what you love and you’ll be consistent.” It wouldn’t work, because what if that person LOVES eating ice cream; ice cream makes them happy AND they eat too much ice cream.

Here is the key: AVOID Cognitive dissonance.

Avoiding cognitive dissonance means avoiding the practice of actions that do not align with your end goal.

Henceforth, if you want a CONSISTENT lifestyle that is consistently full of things that you love, but don’t align with what you want in the end, you will be frustrated and confused.


Love this meme because it makes sense to me. If I feel like napping– or resting– going out and getting plastered on a Friday is not going to make me feel any better, especially Saturday morning. Change your mindset and freakin’ own what you love.

Ever wonder why people feel “guilty” for not exercising enough, or for doing too much or for eating a certain “junk foods?” It is usually because they KNOW (cognitively) that they are carrying out an action that will not HELP them get to what they say they want, or what they say they believe in.

In my opinion, cognitive dissonance has an incredibly horrid mental/ psychological/emotional tax!

But consistency can also mean happiness (if done in an acquiescing way) because your lifestyle then leads you to constantly maintain a certain physique, or diet, or activity level, or even a certain social level.

Once you know your goal or overall desire, you must find actions you LOVE that support that goal…

THIS WEEK: avoid cognitive dissonance; in other words, practice what you preach, reach for things that will get you where you want to be and do things that make you happy by leading you down the path you wanna take to a place you want to go.

Move with a purpose,



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