It’s no secret, from December 6th to July 31st I took about 72 flights.

I’m not kidding.

From flying for work to New England almost every week, flying to see my ex-boyfriend in Nashville, flying home to Indy, going to Germany for business, and traveling to New York, Colorado, LA and Florida for fun— IT WAS ROUGH.


Nevertheless I became an expert at surviving in that lifestyle. I strived to stay fit despite the stress of sitting more and moving less. I spent more time in public and less time in comfortable settings with routine nutrition, movement and rest.

10 go-to tricks to move well, eat well and rest well and maintain a lean body.

1. Plan ahead

Check out your hotel. Know ahead of time if there is gym or not. Otherwise, see if there are outdoor paths or sidewalks nearby to jog, run or do walking lunges etc.

Pack snacks ahead of time!

Bring workout shoes. Even if you aren’t sure if there is a gym, getting out of your work shoes and into something comfortable, even if it is just to walk around the mall is better than nothing.

mall walking
Check the hours of the hotel. I once planned to get up at 4:30 a.m. and go for a 5 a.m. lift and the gym didn’t open until 7:30 a.m. it was not the best experience.

Also, if your trip is a few days and you anticipate down time, Google to see if there are cool places to train in the area you are going.

Most hotel gyms have apples and bananas for free— grab one on your way out for the road/ work day.

I am not suggesting everyone needs to workout every day, but on the road movement keeps me sane; I always plan to fit in a workout somehow when I travel.

2. Know the healthy go-to fast food / convenience items and ban anything else that tempts you

Kind bars are always a safe bet compared to candy bars or granola bars. They have low sodium, fiber and magnesium. Make sure to go for any flavor with 10 grams of sugar or less.

Hard boiled eggs can be found at some random mini shops/airport cafe stands, Au Bon Pain and Starbucks if you buy the fruit platter.

Always, always go to a restaurant where you know if you avoid looking at the menu you can ask for chicken and a vegetable and they will give it to you— don’t even look at the menu.

Avoid pre-made salads with processed dressings that will not benefit you in any way.

If I want something kind of salty and sweet (not the best but still a good option), I will eat baked sweet potato chips, they are easy to find! (Au Bon Pain)

Avoid eating too many nuts before you travel, it makes for bad digestion.

3. Walk when you can

I would often just make loops in my terminal while chatting on the phone during delays.

Travel with backpack so you don’t throw off your posture and can walk briskly when you have time without injuring yourself.

Once you have walked for 45 minutes, find open space and stretch. Not only have I done this, but I have seen many others do it too.

4. Prioritize Protein

It is easier than you think to go overboard on calories when you travel when you eat lot os airplane provided pretzels and crackers. Those things don’t fill you up and just add extra calories to your day.

You are sitting more and don’t need the extra carbs, they might make you sleepy and sluggish.

It can be tough to find good carbs sources– quinoa or some brown rice is good—but seldom do you find it.

Therefore, prioritize protein and this way you will not overdo your calories or feel hungry all day.

5. At the hotel don’t look at the menu, just ask for what you want

You are the guest and they should accommodate and serve you.

If there is not a good way to get eggs for breakfast with veggies (i.e. in an omelette) with some avocado, go buy breakfast nearby the night before at a grocery. I buy hard boiled eggs at Whole Foods often.

I used to stay at the Newton Marriot every week, after a month or so of staying there, they knew me. As soon as I walked into the restaurant they just gave me this:


6. Use the Around Me app.

I would often (if time allowed) find the nearest Whole Foods or grocer and go make a healthy salad for dinner.

around me app
Then I would grab a kind bar or hard boiled eggs, or a single serve of whey protein and almond butter and buy that to eat for breakfast with some fruit.

This way you can have more time for a morning workout and eat quickly in your room.
I would also buy hemp seeds to snack on in the car or add to my whey shake.

7. Stay away from soda

This one is pretty self-explanatory when you are moving less and sitting more; just do it; the extra calories really aren’t worth it.

Diet soda is fine but drinking regular soda while sitting for hours is futile because you will be consuming extra calories you won’t be expending.

8. Buy a water bottle every time you stop for gas and make it a goal to finish

In my real-estate job I am constantly driving. In order to make sure I stay hydrated I buy water almost every time I stop.

Expert tip: make sure you stop at a gas station that has an indoor restroom!

9. Avoid dried fruits and eat veggies whenever you can.

Not only are both nuts and dried fruits hig-calorie, but these give you way to much unnecessary sugar.

Dried fruits require more water to digest and thus will dehydrate you and bother digestion if you arent getting enough H2O.

Do not buy “veggie juices” these likely have tons of sodium and/or sugar and provide no fiber.

What’s a good alternative to fruit or veggie juices?

Kombucha is a good option besides water and can help with digestion due to fermentation ingredients.


10. Bring makeup and workout clothes in your carry-on

You never know when your bag will be lost.
You never know when you might want to change and walk around the airport in a delay etc.

From the crazy days I developed good habits. I always plan ahead.

For instance when I go for a real-estate drive that is over an hour long I bring water, sometimes BCAAs, and either a snack of a protein shaker with a carb or fat source like apple or avocado or I bring a lunch.

See below for examples:

Here we have foods I will eat cold or hot; my favorite butternut protein squash recipe, balsamic roasted brussel sprouts, and 1.5 hard boiled eggs.

Here we have foods I will eat cold or hot; my favorite butternut protein squash recipe, balsamic roasted brussel sprouts, and 1.5 hard boiled eggs.


BCAAs, Tripact vanilla latte protein with ice to stay cool, and seaweed snacks!

BCAAs, Tripact vanilla latte protein with ice to stay cool, and seaweed snacks!



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