I’m not one to cuss, but when my fellow instructor Brittany suggested this title, I had to run with it. And before you think either of us are calling names, this title is actually (and unfortunately) to be expressed in a self-deprecating manner, after lack of sleep, too much exercise (yes it’s a thing), and overstimulation of loud music and caffeine.



And beyond myself, I am talking to you today, fellow coaches and avid workout goers! You. Morning people who, like me, get up early, chug coffee or pre-workout, head to teach a workout class (or two) (or three) and then throw down some food quickly before another client, another class, another job.


Unless it’s an Instagram-inspired brunch with your #workoutbabes, chances are you’re grabbing a shake or something out of your workout bag and praying it has protein because #macros. It’s unlikely that you’re regularly seated at a table for your first legit meal and after 4 seconds of inhaling food, you’re off to coach again, check online client emails or get your own training in before evening classes. Somewhere in the mix of all that, you chug one (or two) (or three) coffees and yet you feel tired, but wired – unable to nap, but not awake enough to think clearly, and it’s only 2 pm… three more classes ahead!


Is this you?


Spring/Summer 2017, this was me. But before we get there, let me go back to where it all began for me, “it” being fitness.



My fitness career began in college as soon as my high school workout-obsessed self could become a teacher. I was a twenty-year-old girl eager to teach as many spinning classes as possible. That eagerness then transferred to being the youngest hire for Shred415 immediately out of college, and in order to teach as many classes as I could, I offered to teach the 5 am time slots, as many times a week as needed. But let’s not forget I had a fulltime job, and my own side-hustle of boot camp classes I’d teach a few nights a week at another gym. I was a powerhouse and thought nothing could stop me.

By the time I moved to Boston some things changed, but not much. I began teaching 5 am classes at Barry’s Bootcamp and fitness classes by night. And, after my full-time job was long gone, I picked up about six personal training clients a week, four more spinning classes and my online business took up all the time in between.


Sounds like a lot right? Mentally, yes. However, the things I put myself through physically are what tipped the scale.


For starters, I decided to diet for a powerlifting meet, then a bodybuilding competition, then another powerlifting meet and then two more bodybuilding competitions. Midst all the calorie deficits and heavy lifting sessions, I was teaching spinning classes… A lot. My cortisol was chronically high, and I spent little time chilling TF out.




Obviously, my case was extreme, but even before I competed in fitness competitions, back in college and when I lived in Chicago, I was chronically exhausted. Back then, some extra preworkout, a few protein bars and maybe a nap? Then I was good! I could do late night and early morning workouts. I was a machine. Until I wasn’t. Eventually, I began to feel so tired that no amount of coffee could help me.


My machine stopped working last year. I gained unwanted weight, dealt with a whole slew of gut health issues, and had to rewire everything from my gut flora, to my vaginal flora, to my macros, to my sleep. It was a total bummer to reboot my entire lifestyle, but at the same time, very well worth it.


Read my entire gut health journey here!


And today, I am writing to all you sleepy b*tches because I want to help you avoid adrenal fatigue, gut health issues, and unwanted weight gain. It would be easy for me to say slow TF down… but that would be common sense.



Don’t let this be you!


But before you click away, hear me out. You’re probably not competing in anything… except, maybe social media.

Consider these questions:

  • Do you feel pressure to workout on days you teach spinning classes?

  • Do you feel like food is always on your mind?

  • Are you worried about your macros? The number of lifts you do… or take cardio classes on top of teaching spinning classes?

  • Do you feel balanced?

  • Do you take rest days?

Maybe you do relate to some of the above but you aren’t ready to admit it? Us fitpros and rockstar exercisers are supposed to be the undying superheroes. We can never drink too much coffee or workout enough right? Well, for your health, it may mean laying the invisible cape down… and putting on a real, healthy one!


I want to help you figure out:

  • how many strength workouts to do when you teach spinning

  • how many spinning classes are realistic for your body to teach a week

  • live off of spinning cash? We can figure out how many calories you need to be eating and what nutrients you need on days you teach doubles, or spin and then lift

  • How to stay accountable to eating enough/resting enough and also balancing your life in a manner that will make it more enjoyable


Are you interested?


Crossroads of Fitness launching a group #Daretoeat Accountability group for exercise-aholics, fitness trainers, and anyone who feels like fat loss isn’t the goal, but consistency with nutrition is. In this group, you’ll have the option to count calories and have individualized macros made for you, or to simply check in daily with the directions we’ve given you!


We want you to feel awake each day. Eliminate dragging, exhaustion, and too many workouts. Get the most out of your training and see the strength progress you’ve been seeking. Refer out to us; we will manage this for you! Even coaches need coaches!!!


Click here to sign-up!


And if you’re still unsure if you qualify, know that we’ve worked with some of Boston’s Top fitness trainers over the past 4 years. WE GOT YOU!

If adrenal fatigue and hormone health are of interest to you, stay tuned – for the next 4 weeks, Lauren will be putting out hormonal health content! Woo!


ICYMI: Gut Health article you need to read:


To wrap this up, understand this: you are not doomed. With enough sleep, minimizing coffee, taking out a few cardio sessions and maybe some meditation and supplements (hello ashwagandha and maca powder) you can heal your adrenals and simmer down while waking up. It takes time for some people and patience. For others? An extended *relaxing* vacation (without early morning runs or late nights dancing and drinking with 6 a.m. coffee) can help!


Are you even a fitpro if you don’t #bathroomselfie?


Rest assured that you can be a WOKE B*tch and continue to inspire your community while losing the fat you wanna lose, or gaining back the energy you once had. And please know that this is not just for fitness trainers, this program is for anyone who can relate to this article.


Sign up if you:
  • want to feel like a productive machine again
  • want to be productive without 2 pots of coffee a day
  • want to work on eating to FUEL your body instead of restricting then eating a lot because you’re ravenous
  • need accountability and guidance with nutrition

If you have any questions at all before signing up, please don’t hesitate to shoot me an email or a DM!

EMAIL: crofdaretoeat@gmail.com

INSTAGRAM: @garrettnwood @crossroadsoffitness

Hoping to see you in the #DARETOEAT Program!

x, Garrett


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