Your weight loss or fitness journey should feel natural and sustainable, but it should not be easy.fall_line

Anytime you are working towards a goal, you should be working.


Weight loss is very similar to skiing.

Here’s how I see the fall line:

1. There is a way down that is natural, feels right and smooth

2. if you hit the fall line perfectly it is still work and it is still challenging

3. If you miss the fall line, or the easiest route, you will still get down, just not as quickly.


Apply those three statements to fat loss:

1. there is a way to lose weight stratgically and sustainably

2. Even if you have the best system down adn all figured out, it will still take work

3. If you try various methods, systems, personal strategies it will take more time, but with consistent effort, the weight will come off.

Things take time, dedication and true passion to achieve. Whether it is just adding vegetables into your diet, trying to lower cholesterol, improving a mile time or losing 30 pounds, you gotta earn it.

Take my friend Zach** for example. In high school and the beginning college years, he struggled with weight. Not only did he have a sweet tooth, but he was exercise averse.

He despised it.

In high school, his dad would hire a trainer for him from time to time, and the forced act made Zach despise exercise that much more. What’s worse, the trainer gave him exercises he hated doing, exercises for which he wasn’t ready, and left him feeling not only “fat” but incapable, un-motivated and downright frustrated.

So he ate MORE and spurned movement.

Finally one day he looked in the mirror and decided “enough.” He looked at fitness photos online of males’ physiques and decided on one he wanted.

Now, if you know this guy you know he likes to “hack” into things. A total branianc, he always tries to beat the system, whether it’s figuring out the best return on a stock or finding out the quickest way to get help on a customer service line, etc. he likes to solve problems quickly and strategically.

His personality paid off when he began his weight loss journey.

First, he got really into cycling. He would ride that bike everywhere. All the while refusing to wear the typical cyclists’ clothes, he  crushed the fancy spandex wearing, shaved legged peddlers and loved every minute of it.


Flash forward four to six months and he was one lean bean.

He had lost the fat; he had cycled it off; but also, after the first two months of cycling and getting off the couch he added P90X videos.

He liked P90X because he could do them in his house in private (basically HIIT). Seeing results from exercise had made him look into how he could change his eating habits, which also improved.

Now it was time to build his dream body via isolation split format training. He loved pushing and pulling stacks of metal at the gym, especially thanks to the pump feeling he got from various pre-workouts he tested.

He went on body, he went on youtube… he looked everywhere and fell  in love with finding different circuits to do and splits to try.

In example, at first he kept the P90X in his regime three days a week, did a dedicated leg day, a back and bicep day, a chest and triceps, and an ab day. And then he tried doing bi and tris one day, chest and back another, legs another and abs. He liked to see what would work and also tried to avoid any plateu-ing.


Once he found his sweet spot he began manipulating his diet and supplements in a traditional body building manner. He would do a bulk phase, then a cutting phase, he would cycle creatine(s) and he would add more or less beta alanine, protein and carbs etc.

Long story short, he designed his body— and to this day he continues to try different things. I commend him because he gives each new tactic a fair go (at least five-six weeks), and he stays consistent— even if consistent in his world means never cutting out Twizzlers or Nutella. He just tries hard to practice moderation and if things go south he puts in extra time at the gym.

I am telling you this story because the underlying message is that you CAN make your life, you CAN design your body; you CAN achieve your goals.


Do genetics play a role? YES however, ultimately you can see results if you work really hard after something you really want and you remain consistent.

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