It was October 2017, and I had gone 3 months without a period. I was actually enjoying learning as much as I could about menstrual cycles but wanted more answers as to why I was not having one. I felt much more knowledgeable, but there are a handful of different reasons why a woman might not be menstruating, and it’s tough to pinpoint exactly what your individual reason is through a book.







I scheduled my annual visit to an OB/GYN in hopes of getting answers to my questions. She said that, yes, many people who come off the pill after being on it for an extended amount of time, do in fact have issues with irregular cycles. This was the first red flag and I wondered ‘why wasn’t I told about this before I started taking it?’ But not to worry, she would write a prescription for a medication that would “shock my body enough to force it to start my bleeding.”

I had read this statement in a handful of the books I’d been reading recently, but for the first time in my life, I truly FELT it.

An overwhelming feeling that I knew more about what was best for MY body than my doctor did.

For the first time, I witnessed one of the major predicaments we have in America: issues caused by medications being resolved through more medication. I was frustrated, and feeling like I had seen things through a new lens. I walked out of the office that day and never had the prescription filled.


I didn’t want to just try things until something “forced” my body into doing something. I wanted to know WHY my body wasn’t doing something that is a central role in womanhood. 

I wanted to know why my body couldn’t do one of the key things it was made to do, and I wanted to fix that underlying problem rather than just continuing to band-aid it. Fortunately for me, I wasn’t alone. There are MILLIONS of women out there who have faced similar struggles, who wanted to truly heal their bodies, and who have done most of the research already.

These women have successfully restored their fertility in a completely natural way, and by supporting their bodies with the things that birth control and modern medicine stripped them of. I will share more specifics about these amazing resources and techniques in future articles in this series. Be on the look out! 🙂 

My appointment in October really inspired me to start taking things in a different direction and to play a more active role in my own health. Since then I have begun working with a Functional Nutrition Practitioner to figure out the reasoning behind the issues. She ran the DUTCH Complete Hormone Panel to assess where each of my hormone levels were.

As I had predicted through matching what I was studying to my unique set of symptoms, my testosterone was through the roof, my estrogen and progesterone were all out of whack, my cortisol was misbehaving, and my serotonin levels were causing serious depression. Not only did this test show me what levels were too high or too low, but also which systems in the body were acting up to cause these inappropriate levels.

Through knowing this, my Functional Nutrition Practitioner, Kristin, was able to recommend diet changes, lifestyle hacks, and vitamin/mineral supplements to give MY body what it needs to heal naturally.  I’ve always been a “healthy” eater, but as it turns out, no two bodies are the same, so there are things that I needed to both eat and stop eating to help my body to function properly.


Just as no two bodies are the same, no two stories are the same. This is just my version of how I’ve gotten to where I am. With that being said, the female body, when functioning properly SHOULD be having a regular and consistent cycle. Some women’s are longer, some are shorter, but they should be consistent. You also should NOT have to deal with crazily painful cramping, mood swings, acne, and other PMS related symptoms. If you are experiencing irregular cycles or PMS symptoms, they are exactly that – symptoms, and signs that there is an underlying issue. If you decide to go on birth control, know that it will not FIX these underlying issues, it will only MASK them. The good news is, you do NOT have to continue to suffer through the symptoms, and you are most certainly not alone. Throughout these next few weeks, I will be sharing articles on what birth control is doing to the female body, resources to help you educate yourself, and diet and lifestyle changes that promote healthy hormones.

I share all of this not to say there is a “right” or “wrong” way to get your hormones in check, but firstly, to shed some light on a topic that shouldn’t be taboo to talk about, and secondly, to empower you to think differently about the options that are available to you. Period issues are a thing. Fertility issues are a thing. Miscarriages are a thing. Let’s not be ashamed to talk about them. Instead, let’s work together to educate ourselves/our friends/our daughters, on how to best support female bodies with the things they need to be as amazing as God created them to be.



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