Ever think “What If?”

It’s an interesting game to play.

It’s also a way to reflect. 

In my opinion, “what if” should always be used in a reflective manner when it comes to goal setting and goal conquering. This way you avoid desponding negatively and instead make it more of an excogitating exercise wherein you learn more.

I believe in reflecting only after carrying out the task or goal, after success. Henceforth considering “what if” falls in that post-win time period.

Let me give examples of an afterthought:

Imagine you are in your car running errands; you drive over a few bridges to get to your destination. Later on that night, you turn on the T.V. and there is a news story about an old bridge breaking in another state.

“Wow,” you say, “I didn’t even think about those bridges giving out today.”

That is an afterthought.

Or, let’s say you take your friends out to dinner one evening and have a lovely time. You had planned to go to this restaurant and pay for everyone. The next day when a friend takes you to lunch you forget your wallet—luckily they were treating.

Then you think, “good thing I didn’t forget my wallet last night.”

These are afterthoughts; thoughts that do not get in the way or cloud your brain while the action occurs–they come after.

Afterthought is defined as: an item or thing that is thought of or added later.

Make failure an afterthought.

When setting a goal, setting off to achieve that goal, or while planning strategic steps for success, (amidst a busy day with an endless to-do list)—MAKE FAILURE AND AFTERTHOUGHT.

Never contemplate failure. Do not heed failure.

Plan for success; visualize the end-goal.

See it.

Own it.

Once you’re there, you can look back and say, “What if?”

What IF I hadn’t made the weight?

What IF I had tripped in the race?

What IF my design didn’t work?

Then you can think about it, after success.

While you’re in it, be in it. Get in the flow, work hard and make failure an afterthought. It alleviates most worries. Get it out of your head. Because if you want it, you can make it happen. Failure should always be an afterthought.


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