Lorna Jane is not a pain– not even in the wallet!

Lorna Jane athletic gear is my newest obsession.

Lorna Jane is an Australian company and so far only has one store in the US, located in Los Angeles.

Specifically I want to note, her sports bras are phenomenal. They come with padding– padding that is actually built well and flattering. I never buy bras with padding, but Lorna Jane’s are not even noticeable. The padding doesn’t even move when you wash them. However, I took my padding out and felt like the bra still had the padding and support–an amazing product.

The colors do not fade.


Shown here are the Plank bra in green (fits like the “Stuff Your Bra” at Lululemon) the April bra in blue, and the Theola bra in light yellow. She has 66 different styles.

I have three sports bras I recently bought in LA. All three are different styles, awesome colors and here is the cool part–I was shopping with my friend Bailey who is built much different than I am; we both left happy. She bought two tops and a sports bra and we are built completely different! There is something for every woman and every athlete here.


Also, Jamie Eason recently wore a super cute sports bra in her ALS ice bucket challenge. She also was shown in the black crop leggings I have at the Olympia 2014 Expo just this weekend. It’s becoming more popular than ever.

At Lorna Jane there are hundreds of styles, literally. They all look kind of similar but are built differently to flatter different body types. The company continues to make more designs and structures every quarter.

Like Lululemon, they are sturdy products but they are about five-fifteen dollars cheaper per item and more unique.

I also have an awesome T-shirt you’ve probably seen me wear that says “Why Not?”

Lorna Jane makes outerwear, gym gear, and gives you her cookbook, Nourish, with a purchase.


I am obsessed.

I knew I loved Lorna Jane, but just the other day, the email marketing sent me this– and then I knew it was true love:



Barry’s Bootcamp is a studio I teach at in Boston. Lorna Jane is hosting a class at the Barry’s in West Hollywood! I wish I could teleport there now!

That’s all.




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