The Strong First manual lists seven principles to explain SFG (pages 10&11).

Principle five is “Use of speed endurance training for development of power, different types of endurance, and ¬†promoting fat loss.”

In that section it says, “Cuban coach Alfonso, used to tell young weightlifter Geof Neupert to stop his sets of swings before his reps slowed down. Today, this Master SFG admits that every time he got hurt or overtrained was after not listening to this advice.”

When I read the quote above I immediately thought of my gymnastic coaches. They always told me when doing multiple back handsprings to never slow down. This is one important principle.

Watch my video. See me do back-handsprings and learn how I equate the two different skills, as one important principle applies to both of them.


See my power and speed on a spring floor, and the speed it takes if you are to add a flip at the end:






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