The answer short answer is, a guy named Mauriciano, my first ever, tinder date.

The longer answer is, passion– it’s so damn contagious.

Let me tell you a story.

It was Saturday night and I was texting Mauriciano–via Tinder.

“On my way; be there soon– I’m dressed super casual,” I said.

“It’s okay; me too. Also, I’ve grown long hair and a beard since those photos.” He replied.

Somehow, I knew he wasn’t kidding.

I walked up to the agreed bar and I looked up –sure enough I saw the bearded guy, in a leather jacket.

Good thing I was wearing mine.

He looked like Justin Bobby from The Hills (an MTV spin off series from Laguna Beach), and he was a musician.


I told him I played an instrument in junior high but was too embarrassed to say what one.

“Was it the cute recorder? The beautiful bass guitar? The precious flute?” He asked.

He spoke of instruments like fine wines or fancy, delicious deserts.

His eyes lit up.

I told him the truth…. I used to play the baritone (the mini tuba).


I was laughing and his eyes shone brighter.

For the next ninety minutes he told me about these beautiful baritone players in New York, french horn players in Canada and tuba players in Brazil, where he was from.

He also spoke about the small ecosystem in his back yard and all of the body weight exercises he is currently obsessed with. His zest for life and living was more than apparent; it was basically invigorating.

Regardless of the fact that we spent an hour discussing the baritone– which I seriously remember nothing about– it was engaging because there was endless passion.

This Boston version of Justin Bobby had more passion for his music than anything.

“It’s not like I don’t know what I want to do with it [music] or how I want to live and work; I am in it now; I am happy.” He said.

“I am just trying to envision where it will all take me and I cannot wait,” he said, staring off into the distance.

I will never go for a run with Justin Bobby, nor will I probably see him ever again. I knew that before I went. Thus, after about ninety minutes of very engaging conversation I figured the goodbye might be awkward. He offered to walk me home a more scenic way.

Interestingly enough, he had one more lesson to teach me about life.

As he walked me home, he made me put my cell phone in my small purse (it took both of us to squeeze it in), to keep it out of sight, out of mind, out of my hand.

He encouraged me to walk slower. “Slooowww down,” he said.

Mauriciano told me to slow my breathing too. He helped me realized how important it is to be in the moment.

We locked arms and walked along the reflecting pond.

He asked to see me again, he said I could write some lyrics and he would write the harmony. He also told me to incorporate the baritone into my morning spin classes as a motivational tool–still not sure if he was serious.

Pass. (I have little musical talent).

Nevertheless, his passion was contagious. I will never forget how animated he was talking about the instrument that symbolizes the most awkward stage of my life– something for which I have zero passion. Ironically, I left the evening feeling more motivated than ever about my own passions.

Never forget what you love, and never hesitate to share your passion with others– it may just inspire them too!


I am passionate about pull-ups– look out for Sunday 10/12 article on pull-ups.


Passion is contagious.




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