GO LOOK AT YOURSELF NAKED: The Mind-Body connection is the catalyst for good nutrition decisions and self-care.

Before we discuss nutrition and its role with overall health and wellness—supporting a life full of movement, we have to do one thing… LOOK AT OURSELVES NAKED. You have to be able to look in the mirror, and decide if you like what you see, you love what you see, or you know that you have the power to change what you are currently seeing into something better. There has to be a mind-body connection.

From this point on I will post “100 level” nutrition facts and lessons, and then for those of you that are more advanced, I will post “200 level” info pieces that delve deeper into hot nutrition topics and talk about fine tuning areas of your diet (depending on your goal).

I AM NOT A DIETICIAN. I AM NOT A NUTRITIONIST. I am a girl who is well-read, and a girl who studies this subject every free moment I have (because I am passionate about it). I have learned a lot through my own experiences as well. I am here to share helpful information that I am NOT creating information or making claims, but rather I am circulating information that means something to me because I have a strong onion (positive or negative) about the topic and want to explore.

I am here to help!

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