To all the 20 somethings without children:

Sometimes I wish I had a daughter—right now.

There are so many reasons why, in a perfect world, if I could actually manage having a kid right now, (specifically a daughter), I think it would be awesome.

1. I like kids.
2. I am learning so many things right now about me and about how to be an empowered independent woman—I want her to see first hand.
3. I am being treated very well by some suitors and neglected and let down by some men I wish would see my value.
4. I want her to know me when I am actually cool.
5. I want to be someone’s role-model now.
6. I think that having someone watching your every move in admiration and in an imprinting stage is really cool. I think I would always be the best version of myself if I had to care for her right now.
7. Kids have simple minds. I think hanging out with a little kid would help me overthink less.

For all you girls out there, how differently would you act or carry yourself if you had a daughter watching your every move? You would be setting the tone for how she will respect herself, feed herself, be proud of herself and how hard she will work.

I am not having kids anytime soon, but this is just one of the random thoughts that crossed my mind while driving to Maine.



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