Whether you are a beginner, have been deadlifting for 55 years, or you just go to the gym and hangout with people who lift—chances are you have heard or thought some of the following things. Whether these are things you’ve asked yourself or said aloud, it’s kind of humorous and characteristic of the mind games and competitive nature in deadlifting.

Just for fun 🙂 these thoughts may or may not have been dramatized for humorous affect.

 The beginner:

It’s easy; you just pick it up.
So…. I just reach down and then lift it?
Okay now what?
Oh, that’s it?

Okay, well, should I make it heavier?

Oh, so, I did five?
Do it again?
Now what?
Whoa, my heart is like, kind of racing #cardio?

One month later

I wonder how much weight I can lift?
OMG 175! I am so strong.
Seriously. I am like a powerlifter now.
It’s not even hard.
I don’t feel like lowering it down slowly, it’s kind of tiring.
Maybe I should use chalk?


The regular gym-goer
Yeah, I do deadlifts.
Deadlifts are part of my program because….
Do I try and get stronger like every time I do it?
Wait… (thinking to him/herself) can I do this like three times a week?
Why does this feel hard today?
I am totally a beast because I deadlift.
My shins are bleeding #sawweeet.
Sometimes, I bend the bar.
I feel like my deadlift is like ruling my life. It is just all I can think about.
So, I am going to only deadlift, like, as much as I can.
Wait, only deadlifting won’t make me strong?
Okay I am going to squat too.
But can I deadlift too?
I can? Okay; I am doing both this week.
I just pulled a PR.
(next day) I just pulled a … well… 175.
(week later) I just PR-ed.
So I should squat and deadlift like forever?

The powerlifter
I’m basically just doing some block periodization.
So wait, should my strongman training focus more on deadlifts?
I just read that adding in conventional lifts will make me increase my 1RM in sumo 13%
Oh, today is speed work.
Tomorrow? Speed clusters.
Wait? I can’t do speed work twice in one week, or just not back to back?
Does it matter if I eat before?
How much can I possibly eat to lift 100 more pounds?
Dude. It’s kilos, not pounds.
I am going to deadlift 3x my bodyweight?
Can I actually do that?
My scars prove that I am strong…. because.
I wear Chuck Taylors when I am not in Olympic lifting shoes, because.
Chalk? Uhhh—hello?
I am going to not wear a belt and show those assholes how much stronger I am.
Who wears a belt?
Tomorrow I am wearing a belt and beating my own PR.
I just PR-ed. I want to try it without the belt.
This is so f-ing heavy–I should probably eat more meat.

#nofilter, bro

#nofilter, bro


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