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It is a rainy day in Boston and I am okay with that; rain not only inspires great writing and extra productive juices but somehow it mellows me out. And boy, after last week do I need it!

Stay tuned for some exciting news and articles coming out this week.

But first, let me tell you about last week!


-Lifting with Jen Sinkler

-Teaching a spin class on a roof

-Deadlifting three times

-Discovering that I can do a pistol squat

-Having friends take my Barry’s class


My friend Georgia came by Barry’s Bootcamp on Friday with her work friends and crushed three .25 mi challenges!

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Personal updates:

I started last week off with a BANG when I got to lift with the ever so inspiring, insanely strong, chill yet fierce coach, writer and fitness enthusiast Jen Sinkler.

I have looked up to her for a few years now so meeting her was not only inspiring but incredibly exciting.


If you’ve never seen her lift, read her articles or felt just an eighth of her passion go to Thrive with Jen Sinkler and check her out! You will be inspired to Lift Weights Faster, crush some sprints and lift heavy things with lip gloss on.

Jordan and I met her and her husband at Titan Barbell on Sunday.


She and her husband, David Dellanave showed up with two of the heaviest (literally) and tastiest donuts I have ever had.

They found the one and a half pounders (sounds like I am talking about burgers) on their way down the coast from Maine.

It was the first time I have ever lifted while eating– I couldn’t let the donuts just sit there 🙂

If they were tired I couldn’t tell; Jen’s hair and makeup looked flawless and she and David were both stoked to lift.

Jen hit a PR front squatting and I hit an “FR” — see “Training” section for my FR.

 After the PRs and FRs, we all went to dinner at my regular sushi place; I could eat there every night of the week.
“FR” [CROF definition]: First Record; To do something for the first time. Not your maximal effort but a new accomplishment. In example, I can squat 170 pounds but I have never done more than 1 rep there. Thus, if I squatted three reps at 170 it would be an FR. Another FR example would be eating donuts while lifting if you’ve never eaten while training 🙂 It’s all about celebrating the little things… right?
Also, this week CROF published two articles:
Here are some quick #daretoeat client progress photos for your motivation:
Abby Update

Abby is about to go into her 12th and final week of the #daretoeat Program. She has lost several inches. As far as pounds? We stopped counting last week because the scale was not telling for her. She was only down about 5 pounds and it was getting to her so we ditched the scale.

Kara was very adamant about using the scale. However despite the dramatic physical changes the scale only revealed around a three pound difference-- just another example of why you can't put all your emotions and energy into it!

Kara was very adamant about using the scale. However despite the dramatic physical changes the scale only revealed around a three pound difference– just another example of why you can’t put all your emotions and energy into it!


It was the “Week of sprinting and deadlifts!” I am pretty sure I haven’t deadlifted and sprinted three times each in one week in a LONG time.

Sunday: Sprints in the morning, lifts with Jen, Dave, Jordan and Eric at Titan Barbell.


Sumo deadlifts: 3×3 @ 215 pounds

superset: weighted pull-ups (4 x 1) with 20 kg (2 reps on the last set), 20 kg presses from a knee

superset: 3 x 8 back squats at 130 with snatches 6/arm

superset: handstand walks 40 strides + reverse crunch for 10

Monday: Strength Program at Achieve Fitness

  • Deadlifts 5 x 8
  • narrow grip bench 3 x 8
  • Mobility work
  • Heavy Kettlebell presses
  • Single-leg deadlift to reverse lunge

Tuesday: Sprints

Although I couldn’t get into an actual class, I did my own treadmill programming which I taught at 5 a.m. Afterward felt like a terrible person because it was murderous. Way to go 5 a.m. class at Barry’s!

I also got to teach a Cyc Class to a lovely group of fitness enthusiasts on the roof of my own building!


Wednesday: Achieve Strength Training

I spent time benching sets of 8 again, hitting some heavy batwing rows, cleaning and pressing some kettlebells and oh yeah, sets of 8 deadlifts at 165!

Man, my booty was sore.

Thursday: Barry’s Bootcamp Hardcore Abs

Thank you to amazing coach, Nicole for seriously murdering my abs. They are actually still sore. If you haven’t checked out her classes in Boston, there is no time like the present!

Here is my pistol squat I also learned on Thursday.

Now I am more confident than ever that the Iron Maiden Challlenge is within reach!

Friday: Achieve Strength Training

New FR (first record) on the back squat. I hit 135 pounds for 8 reps!


I coupled that with some AMRAP sets of ring pull ups. This instagram cuts me short but I made it to 12 reps this round.

Saturday: Cyc Training!

If you haven’t been to Cyc before in NYC, Austin, Madison or Atlanta, get Cyc’ed because Cyc Fitness is  Boston opens tomorrow!



This week I didn’t count calories… gasp!

I made a couple of changes I am not going to speak about until next week.

I also ditched the scale for a one week time frame because it was stressing me out and I didn’t have time to let it stress me out.

As noted in  Getting Lean(er), I want to do this challenge without going insane and let me tell you, the more I think about it and focus on it the more insane I sometimes feel.

So en lieu of counting calories I had three, plated meals and two snacks most days.

I also ate out two nights this week: once at Genki Ya (and had my usual sushi) and once at Papagayo.

At Papagayo I had ceviche, tacos and seven chips (yes, I counted them). Two of my three tacos were on lettuce wraps.

One other thing I did this weekend was eat at my cousin’s house. She and her fiancé are amazing chefs and they always prepare healthy meals.

Going into it without calories in mind was helpful because I could trust that the food would be healthy; even more I had been active the entire day and stuck to my meal and snack plans.

Leg of Lamb, roasted multi-color potatoes, greek salad of cucumber, tomato, feta, olive and red pepper;Not pictured: roasted yellow and red beets.

Leg of lamb, roasted multi-color potatoes, greek salad of cucumber, tomato, feta, olive and red pepper; Not pictured: roasted yellow and red beets.

Here’s the deal, when times get crazy and stressful it is most productive and effect to rely on your own “systems” for fat loss.

This week I went back to some of my old systems, or rather, my old favorite go-to healthy meals. I literally ate the same thing almost every day for breakfast and lunch.

Systems [CROF definition]: when referring to fat loss, systems are go-to meals, snacks and mindset strategies that you don’t have to think about; you just do them. And, you do them with zero worry. Therefore if I eat three meals that are all in my own personal fat loss system, I know I am making progress.

My go-to meals:

PB2 banana kale spinach shake

Trader Joe’s egg white Salad and spinach or brussels sprouts

BAS (Big Ass Salad) from Whole Foods or Sweet Greens

Chicken and Butternut Squash Mash


What I am reading:

1. Four Myths about Female Glute Training via T-Nation

2. Simplifying Your Squat, Bench & Deadlift via Adam Pine

3. Cardio vs. Weights the Cheat Sheet via James Fell on Body for Wife

4. Safe and Effective Conditioning Workouts During Pregnancy via Girls Gone Strong

5. I Encourage You to Fail via Tony Gentilcore

6. The Best Exercise in Ever: Reactive Stability Drops via Dean Somerset

7. We need to cal the F*** down about food via Eatwell NZ

8. Disordered Eating and the Rise of the Competitive Fitness Model via The PTDC

9. The Best Squat Tutorial on the Internet via Syatt Fitness

10. Fat Loss is like a Bank via Syatt Fitness

Exercise of the Week: the Kettlebell Snatch

This week I choose the snatch because I added them into my training for the first time in a while.

While training last Sunday I did six reps per arm with the 16 kg bell.

Just doing those 12 reps I was winded! Woo! Snatches are a great metabolic conditioning tool.

Side note: one thing I love about Jen Sinkler is her competitive spirit. I told her that I had the snatch test record at my SFG cert last fall at 3:26 seconds. She smiled, paused, and a few seconds later added, “You didn’t beat mine; 3:15” she said with a smile.

If you know how to snatch and want to test your conditioning, try doing 100 snatches in five minutes.

It’s a tough challenge! If you can’t quite get 100 reps in five minutes yet, the best way to work up to it is to try doing 6 per arm every minute on the top of the minute for 6 minutes.

Expert Tip: Try to keep the bell as close to you as possible on the way down from the snatch. Do not cast it out like a fishing line in front of you. The closer you keep it to your body the fast you can do them with less energy needed!

Client Spotlight: Hunter Wood



Many of you may know that my brother is a professional snowboarder. It was always his dream to compete and go to the Olympics. However, after some pretty nasty falls he had to put competing on the back burner.

In 2012 he taco’ed a rail and ruptured his small intestine. Then, just a few months later he was air-lifted out of Switzerland after overshooting a landing and nailing his head. He suffered quite the list of injuries.

For the past year Hunter has been focusing living and having fun: he rides for Volcom, has been shooting some films in the back country and just “letting it ride” as he likes to say.


This spring/summer he came home to Indy to spend some time with the family and reached about for a nutrition program.

Hunter not only followed my program for nine weeks perfectly but he learned how to lift and got even stronger than he already was.

His biggest challenge: keeping fat low on low cal days. His trick? minimizing Quest bars (his favorite) on those days.

His favorite thing to eat (besides quest bars, beer and meat pies?): Protein shakes and plain chicken.

The cool part for Hunter was that he and my mom got to work on their diet regime together. They were both shocked when they first started weighing their food and measuring everything. They had been tracking incorrectly during their first week without the food scale.

If you want to know how add more protein into your diet, talk to Hunter; he ate around 230 grams of protein everyday.


And, although skeptical of me and my coaching at first, Hunter went from 196 pounds to a lean 182 in just 9 weeks.

Here is a video of him deadlifting in his second week of training.




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