It might sound like an exaggeration to say the taking Cannabidiol (CBD) was the second best decision I’ve made in the past years (second to publishing my first novel), but it’s no joke. You see, I’m the girl who’ been spending upwards of $300 a month on supplements since August, and not just for fun. From magnesium citrate to keep me regular to maca powder for stress and adrenals, to simple things like cod liver oil and Vitamins A and C to Biocidin, antioxidant pills and more, you know from a few of my articles that to heal my gut and hormonal health, I’ve been on a hefty protocol.


And I’m not alone in this! I met a sweet girl last weekend who is also navigating holistic healing with a gut health focus and is taking just as many pills! It’s a commitment for sure… but when does it end?


For me? It ends with CBD.

A few months ago I went to Cambridge Naturals to get a few gifts. Strategically placed at the end of an aisle were CBD supplements and they caught my eye. Why? Well, over two months ago my mom told me about how she’d taken some CBD oil drops since a colleague suggested them for her joint pain and she’d woken up the next day to feel like a new version of herself…… I thought, if Mom likes it, maybe I will too?


Obviously, my hope for CBD is that it would either work as a) an anti-anxiety agent and would potentially replace the ashwagandha and maca powders I was buying, or b) help with gut health. I’d read a few Instagram posts from people I don’t personally know about how it helped their gut health, but nobody had really posted about how/why/when it helped them, what dosage, form etc.


Without too much guidance aside from the store clerk, I took CBD in pill-form on a Thursday evening and woke up to feel absolutely refreshed for the first itme in weeks, and shockingly so after having had a 22 hour long day. 


Even more interesting was that first Friday morning after taking CBD, my lower tummy inflammation that is usually there was gone. With my SIBO, H Pylori, and other gut health issues over the past year, I’ve had a residual distention for months and it was absolutely gone. The inflammation was already down. Despite the late night and early (3:30 a.m.) wake up to teach, my belly felt fine and for the first time in a while, I wasn’t starving upon waking after little sleep. It was like my cortisol just dropped.


It’s said the CBD helps the body return to homeostasis and that it helps inflammation but I felt chill AF, too. Later on the next day I took another 10 mg pill, ( which was 24 hours later), and I felt my appetite start to normalize again, Since having adrenal fatigue most of 2017, I was used to being constantly hungry. When you’re up a million hours a day like me, being hungry all the time is not fun, and an easy way to gain weight. From Friday until today as I sit here my appetite/metabolism feels normal and healthy.


So what am I taking exactly?


CBD oil is a compound found in the cannabis plant, also known as a cannabinoid. It does not have THC in it and thus no psychoactive effect on the body. Your mind will not be altered. For a more in-depth explanation of how these cannabinoids work in our bodies, check out this article – I found it to break the science down very easily.



The brand I chose first has three levels. The store clerk at Cambridge Naturals described them like this: the level of CBD offering by the sampled company was a low dosage and works to heal inflammation only. The middle of the road supplement (the one I am taking) is 15 mg and works to fight inflammation and anxiety. The third pill is for antianxiety mainly and is a higher dosage.


However, now that I am using a new product that absorbs better, I find I can take a lower dose and feeling even better effects! This way, I save more money and know that I’m getting a better quality product. The bottle is more expensive, but it now lasts longer!

If you read my article gut health journey part II you learned that my gut health woes negatively impacted my state of mind and I wound up with anxiety for the first time in my life. My hopes in trying CBD were to positively affect the inflammation in my gut (calprotectin levels were high!), my lungs (I’m an asthmatic) and my joints, from lifting. If it impacted my mental state, cool, but I didn’t expect it to help literally EVERYTHING.


There are millions of ways to use CBD; what is right for you?


If you’re a little on edge about ingesting a supplement linked to marijuana/cannabis, I get it. I was there too! But, I wish I hadn’t hesitated for so long because now that I feel so amazing, I’m sad I spent longer than I should’ve feeling poorly. If you’re nervous about taking a CBD oil pill– there are other ways to use CBD oils!


One of my favorite health and wellness accounts to follow is Lee From America. From her CBD post I learned quite a bit. Her experience didn’t seem too positive or life-altering, and thus, my motivation to run and buy some weakened. Lee, if you’re reading this, it *was* very enlightening, so THANK YOU! One big takeaway for me was that you can do CBD oil in bath bombs!!! I have yet to try them, but will soon!


The other option for CBD oil is CBD oil drops. A benefit of using the drops is that you can easily tweak your dosage. Let’s say that I start to feel like I want to go up from 15 mg, well, if I had a dropper version, I could simply add another drop, versus taking another 15 mg pill.

Here’s my girl, Lee, with her CBD drops!


There are also oils you can rub topically, on a joint or area of pain. I have yet to try this version, but one of my runner friends said it changed her knee pain!  

UPDATE: Until I started taking Prime My Body’s brand (which you can buy from me HERE), I was taking 40 mg at night and 20 mg mid-morning, which was a big increase from my initial 10-15 mg a day

Like I mentioned before, as the self-proclaimed Supplement Queen, I’ve taken all the gut health aids, drunken the celery juice, loved the aloe vera juice, sipped on ACV, and more. But this one CBD pill is making me feel even better than all the aforementioned combined! My goal is to stay on the supplement for two more weeks, and then come off of it, as most professionals recommend taking them for no longer than 25 days.


At the end of my time, I will write again to update you all on if I felt even better from here (if possible!) or not. Comment below with questions!


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