Watch this first to find out how I met Jordan Syatt:

“Excuse me, Miss, I noticed your caluses…..”

**trap-bar deadlifts

Check out Jordan here:

On a Monday, I made it to the correct address, in SOMMERVILLE, MA (not Quincy) to re-meet Jordan Syatt. He asked me if I wanted to “death-lift” and I said, “hell yes.” So I ascertained I was in for something rather intense.

I arrived to his blue house and we went to go get coffee.

Within minutes of being at Dunkin’ Donuts and talking about nutrition, I was hysterically laughing. This guy is FUNNY!

I revealed that ONLY one part of my diet that is lacking.

He said, “Okay what is it?”

“Well,” I paused, “It’s this damnnnnn… Cracked….Nutbutter!”

He lost it. I have never seen someone convulse laughing so hard.

After he composed himself and I composed myself, he said, “of all the things I expected to come out of your mouth, it was not “crack”… “cracked, NUTBUTTER.”

He admitted for a second he was worried he was in the presence of a druggie.

We laughed, in turn warming-up our abs, and headed for the “gym.”

PS, we laughed about cracked nut butter for the remainder of the afternoon. I mean, think about it, if you hadn’t heard of it before, (most of you probably haven’t), you’d make jokes too. FYI, it’s nut butter with equal parts protein to fat— still high in fat!

So we get to the “gym.”


He told me we were going to a “Strongman’s” gym— a guy named “Cookie” who is 400 pounds.

It was real. It was a garage; a garage in the back of a little, cute home in Medford. There he was, Cookie, dead-lifting over 500 pounds when we walked up.


This place had hand-made kettle bells— cinder blocks stuffed in metal cylinders with handlebars on them to swing, because he is that damn strong.


There was a TRX cable, a pull-up bar, a barbell rack, an olympic power lifting station, and rocks/stones; call them what you want, see below…




^ FYI, it was 95 L- Bs.

Jordan and I worked on my death-lifting skills, which honestly I have not worked on since last fall at Rebell Conditioning, thanks to Kim Weston! She rocks! If you wanna learn barbells—check her out!!

I was rather rusty.

Now here is the deal, Jordan is about my height, and I watched with my own eyes, him lift 425lbs, doing 3 sets of two reps for his warmup.

After warming up with a modest 425lbs, and before he moved on with his circuit, he attempted 500lbs—incredible. I felt like I was watching a magic trick.

The workout Jordan followed that afternoon was:

1a) Sumo DL: 4x 1 2” mat

2a) Squat cluster: [3×2] x3

3a) Single-leg hip thrust: 3/12 /leg with chains (he used 3 20 lb chains)

3b) Single-leg Ham curl: 3 x 12 / leg

3c) Plank with weight transfer: 3x 4 transfers

**I did the plank transfers and unweighted single-leg hip thrusts. We used 5 pound plates for the weight transfers.

Here is a video of Jordan explaining what weighted transfers are:

What was cool about this place is that it felt so home-grown. I felt like I was in Indiana.

One guy was flipping a huge tire very slowly and methodically in the drive-way. 

Cookie’s two adorable daughters, ages 4 and 2 were waddling around and showing us their glow-in-the dark necklaces.

I met a Strong Woman competitor while she was lifting this large metal box overhead.

There was a white board with personal/gym records based on weight classes of men and woman.

I laughed…. A LOT.

We talked about how to really pull the click out of  the bar before my dead lift and how important it was for me to flex/squeeze/brace my abs. See his video here:

Jordan stood in front of me and tried to metaphorically relate filling up a water bottle, bottom to top with air from my belly to chest. I got it, but was laughing and not doing it correctly. Henceforth, he thought I needed another metaphor.

“Okay, so imagine a time you were really backed-up…”


“Yeah just picture yourself pooping and you got it.”

He stepped away as if to indicate it was time for me to try a few, and I could not keep it together. I tried anyway, and as I lifted/exhaled, he was still mentioning pooping and I just died laughing, but as most women are excellent at multi-tasking, I still pulled the weight off the floor.

“See, you are great when you poop, Garrett!”

Speaking of “movements…”

This kid is a clown, I thought, but still a great coach.

This is Jordan literally ROFL (rolling on the floor laughing)image


….You just might learn something, and you might just laugh.



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