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I have never felt better than I do now. I have always had an unhealthy relationship with food… I have done the “not eat” thing, the “I am not going to eat all day and then OK, I guess I will eat dinner and make up for the day, plus wine wine wine” to the famous “I can eat whatever I want mode because I am going to take 4 gym classes tomorrow.” NOT HEALTHY!!! Mentally, physically I was exhausted. Exhausted in that I was not feeding by body right, over-exercising and frustrated with seeing NO results… I am grateful for the day I decided to take the chance and email Garrett, actually asking for help from a coach who, from all her posts, client comments, feedback and her own personal journey, knows what she is talking about. Garrett has helped me change how I eat, how I look at food, be able to appreciate taking the time to prep and cook and write down what I am eating to track daily, very eye opening experience for me… it is all about moderation and Garrett truly has shown me how to balance while losing weight and building strength.


What mattered was that I left feeling like a superhero in regular clothes, and that as my son (3) and daughter (5) watched the lifts on video, they saw “Mommy lift like Hulk.” The sense of community and empowerment that I walked away with was worth every tough training session I had to grind through… Anyone can powerlift, but not everyone does. Like anything worth doing in life, it takes practice, patience, and simply ‘showing up.


There is no steadfast rule that says you can’t have something, but you know that if you have it you may not feel well or you won’t be getting in your protein, which in turn, also won’t make you feel well. If I really wanted that slice of pizza I went for it, however I can honestly say that happened once in the entire 12 week period (pizza was probably a once a week thing before this!).


I finally feel like I am off the hamster wheel and seeing results. It is a mind shift for sure and I could not have gotten to this point without Garrett’s guidance. Oh and also, I did my first CHIN UP EVER…heavy lifting, deadlifts, hip- thrusts. I am so grateful for my body and for Garrett in helping me along in my own journey, making me feel my best ever.


I loved Dare to Eat because nothing was off limits. I ate my favorite ice cream throughout the program, just not everyday. I loved learning about flexible dieting because I love to cook. I make all of my own food so it was nice to be able to make all of the things I love, but just work on fitting them into my day, based on what I was craving.


The last Dare to Eat program helped me realized that life goes on even when I can’t workout. I really like to exercise a lot, but I’ve worked at not thinking of working out as a way to control weight.


Having someone hold me accountable was exactly what I needed at the beginning, so Garrett was my not-so-secret weapon!


I moved from a size 12 to a 2 petite!!! (in 2 years)!!!!



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