Many of you know I’m a trainer at Barry’s Bootcamp in Boston. Throughout the year, we host a “HELLWEEK” challenge, motivating people to complete 5 classes in 7 days, wherein they get a discount for the 5 classes.

Some of you strength coaches may be thinking this is crazy! Today I’m here to show you how one can have a balanced week of training at Barry’s by way of showing the 12 Moves of Barry’s and at the end of this piece, offering an example schedule for “how-to” hell week! Let’s do this!

1.The tilted curl+ shoulder stability drill

On Monday, which is Arms and Abs day, Greg Ux took us through this drill which encourages shoulder stability, bicep work and core sability- truly engaging the obliques. When I told him I was going to reference this drill in an article, he made sure to clarify that Christina Lodde had large influence on this move. Try this with two medium weights. The bicep curling arm should be able to perform at least 8 reps before needing rest– consider that when choosing a weight.

As for the overhead arm, it is *optional.* You could do this unweighted, or put the overhand weight in the rack position. For me personally, I chose a 12 pound weight for my biceps and a 20 pound weight for my overhead arm, to push my healthy, strong shoulders.

2. The renegade row, twist and reach

This was a move I coached on Chest,Back and Abs day. The core must stay tight in efforts to keep the hips balanced and square to the floor, until the twist.

Options here: Use a heavy weight to perform a row and a lighter weight to reach up. You could also omit the ceiling reach, or make it more difficult by pausing at the top of the row, before twisting and reaching. Another more difficult option is to add a push-up in-between each row.

Complete one minute of rows, twist and reach on the right, one minute on the left, taking rest in-between.

3. The 1/2 to 1 full lunge

Dustin Martin gave me this idea. By staying low on after the first lunge, you force yourself to keep tension on the glutes, therefore this is a drill of increasing the time under tension, a proven way to augment muscle size and strength. Try performing one minute per side, or 30 seconds on the right, 30 on the left, repeat twice. You can do this with one weight, two weights or no weights!

4. The weighted, sliding plank crunch

Derek Michael Durkin left me loving this one. I particularly love the stretch-relief you get after each crunch when reaching back to replace the weight. Try this unweighted, or with a very light weight at first. After a few practices, increase the weight for a greater challenge.

Pro Tip: Try not to let your booty rise as you crunch, keep the good plank form as long as you can.

5. The incline push-up, neutral/narrow grip

Emily Southworth gave us this challenge, using the bench in a tilted formation. I loved it because it makes the push-ups more realistic for most people. I myself found it easier to complete more reps with good form, without much rest. Make sure the benches are stacked — place all 8 risers under the back portion. Keep your elbows tight to your body and core engaged. Try to complete at least 5-8 reps before taking rest.

6. The incline Chest Press

At Barry’s there are only so many ways to work the muscle with dumbbells. Simply changing the angle of attack once a month can do wonders. I love that Embo does this, challenging us with chest presses AND hammer presses while we sit in an incline position.

Tip: You may want to start with slightly lighter weights than you typically grab on chest, back and abs day.

7. Walk out, walking plank

Mac McGuire kicked off class with this one, beginning with a nice hamstring stretch, moving into a strong plank and triceps/chest work. I love this because it’s dynamic, moderately challenging and involves many planes. try to keep your hips perfectly square tot he ground the entire time.

8. Moderate hill runs

Embo coached us trough the following 7 minute tread round:

30 second jog 0% incline, 30 jog 4% incline

30 run (+2 points above jog) 0% incline, 30 run 4% incline

30 push (+ 1 point) 0% incline, 30 push 4% incline

30 hold push 0% incline, 30 push, 4% incline, recover one minute.

The 7 minute run ended with 2, thirty second sprints, one on a 0% incline and one on a 4% incline. I loved it because it was simple, challenging, but not impossible.

9. Grip Work

Greg took us through a slow eccentric bicep curl wherein we gripped the weights at the head of one dumbbell. In the moment I only felt my biceps working, however, by the next day my forearms were screaming.

Tip: start with your heaviest weight and drop to a lighter dumbbell when you can no longer lower the weight slowly.

10. Ceiling stomp

This is a classic Barry’s move. Most of us each it at least once a week as it it a challenging bodyweight, core exercise that also gives clients a rest between more difficult strength moves. Add this into your program!

11. Cossacks, mobility

This is a great drill often used in the beginning of class to open up the hips, work lateral movement and engage the core in an upright position. Sometimes clients can use the tech in front of them for balance and guidance if they are new to this drill. It can also be a pattern to work in-between heavy sets of lunges or squats.

12. Skaters

Skaters are used on the treadmill to work unilaterally on force and hamstrings. It’s a power move, and is typically done for at least 30 seconds per leg, multiple times. It’s a great way to switch it up on the tread portion of class and again, active the hamstrings.

Wrapping Up!

If you’ve never been to Barry’s Bootcamp, hopefully now you have a better understanding go how diverse each class can be. No two classes are the same. And also, HELLWEEK is not only about crushing it! It is a steal as far as prices goes and a challenge for clients to get in, experience more instructors and their coaching styles. What I’ve shown is just a hundredth of what goes on in the red-room.

If you are thinking about doing HELLWEEK in 2018, know that you don’t have to do all 5 classes 5 days in a row and, you don’t have to run each time. It’s not as scary as it sounds 😉

Barry’s has double floor options wherein you remain not he floor focusing on strength the entire class!

For me personally, I love to do the following schedule:

Arms and Abs: DF
Butt and legs: DF
Chest back and Abs: DF
Hardcore Abs: regular class or rest
Friday: Regular class or rest
Saturday: DF or rest (regular if I skipped Friday)
Sunday: Rest or regular

Click here to find a studio near you, OR if you are in Boston, you can check out one of my classes!


Enjoy and as always, Dare to Move!



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