Macro Consult


A one-time macro consult with the CROF coaches.



Are you a go-getter?
Are you one of those people who would prefer to just get sh** done on their own?
If you are a go-getter AND you are looking to lose some weight I have an opportunity for you…
We offer ONE-TIME Nutrition Guidelines Consultations for individuals to follow at their own pace.
What this means is for a fee significantly lower than my monthly rate & 12-week rate, we will hop on a phone consultation with you, get a general idea of your goals, lifestyle and current situation and come up with *general* guidelines for you to follow on your own pace.
The fee for this service is only $75.
That comes down to spending roughly $2.41/ day for one month.
Just TWO dollars to get an idea of where to start for your first month of fat loss.
You will be given guidelines to follow, but not have the accountability piece.
Some people do not want or need the accountability or one-on-one relationship. Whether you are interested because you are too busy to hire a coach, can’t afford a one-on-one coach, or you think you can do it without any additional help, this could be a great opportunity to get guidance towards starting a fat loss plan!
What you get:
  • one 1-hour phone call
  • an individualized macro and calorie counting plan
  • and end-of month email follow-up
  • option to get a 12-week program discount after the month, if you decide! (-$75 from out #Daretoeat Program)


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