#DareToMove Program Initial Fee


A strength training/fitness component has a $150 initial fee, with recurring $75 payments for program updates each new cycle.

The first cycle is the initial cost. The program includes individualized strength training programs designed to help the individual accomplish their goal whether its to get a bigger deadlift, their first chin-up or bigger glutes! Each Cycle is 3 to 5 weeks depending on the person and programs range for 2-day to 5 day per week plans.



The #Daretomove Program is an individualized athletic program based on your goals! Clients can choose between 2 day or 3 day programs, with the option to do a 4 day program for $25 add on. Each program should be completed for at least a three week period, but we highly encourage our clients to complete 4 to 5 weeks of the cycle. After one month, the client can choose to build on, and do a new cycle for a fee of $75.

Coaches will review all videos the client sends to check form. The initial fee includes a consultation call, and a mid-program call. Each $75 renewal fee includes a phone call as well. We coach everything from helping you get a bigger deadlift to a fast sprint! #DARETOMOVE


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