Weekend Challenge: step outside your palette’s comfort zone.

When was the last time you had Shakshouka?

What about Bobotie?

For most of us, chances are that the craziest thing we do with our diet over the weekend is have an extra piece of pizza, try a new omelet at brunch, or heaven forbid, order in Chinese food.

Let’s try something different this weekend.

Have you ever been to an Ethiopian restaurant?

Neither have I.

Have you ever tried sushi — beyond a Califonria roll? What about liver, have you ever had it? Ever had tongue?

Here’s the thing, so often our grocery lists are the same from week to week; we pack the same lunches, wait in the same fast food lines, pay for the same ‘ole.

If you have a healthy, easy system down with grocery shopping, awesome! For me, that’s is something I am thankful for– I buy the same things EVERY week…

…BUT step outside your comfort zone this weekend and try something new for four reasons:

1. Add some zest to your life. Bring a friend or lover and enjoy the time together exploring the new tastes, atmosphere, flavors, textures, and pairings.

2. Think about what nutrients the new dish offers.. are theses ingredients different from what you normally ingest on a weekly basis? If not, now you know a dish to provide you with this healthy ingredient.

3. Pick one ingredient from the meal that you liked and add it to your shopping list on Sunday. If you’re feeling confident, try and re-create the meal at home if possible.

4. Learn something!

Many different cultures have historically significant dishes that tell a great story, not to mention have been perfected for years. Take time to enjoy the cultural history behind something new; embellish your diet. Make sure you don’t over indulge—consider it more of a fun taste test than a binge fest. You may fall for a food you don’t know how you’ve gone so long without!

One other thing to consider for those of you watching your weight or trying to lose some weight: when we eat the same things day after day, week after week we can fall into a routine of mindless eating.

We not only fail to take time enjoying what we are eating, but we may even consume more than we realize. While completing the weekend challenge, you will be a student; mulling over the textures, pondering the feeling you get from the food, considering how it digests, contemplating each bite.

This is a great exercise for mindful eating.

Re-train your taste buds. Eat what feels right and tastes good. I think too often we consume things we “think” we should eat because they are deemed “healthy” or necessary for weightloss.

You know what I think?

We should all eat more like the French!

I think if you enjoy what you eat and eat mindfully, you will not overeat and you will eat to nourish yourself especially when it is a food brand new to your palette.

Also, even just the change of pace– actually sitting down– putting yourself in the mindset to absorb every part of the meal and not just to eat and move on will affect your consumption.

But it is easier said than done, thanks to habit. Thus trying to eat the same shake you slam every morning before work “more mindfully” is tough. So why not just re-teach ourselves how to be mindful by removing habitualness?

To re-think mindful eating, start off fresh by trying something completely new and off the wall different this weekend. Being mindful, therefore, will be inevitable.


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