I was one of those honors students growing up who really liked school. I loved English class and I thought odes in poetry were funny and creative.

I set off to write an ode today about my favorite protein powder, but it wasn’t going to be as much enlightening as it was cute-sy.

Therefore I sent my actual “Ode to Protein Powder” (I’m not kidding) to the #Daretomove Motivator– sign-up and you’ll get it.


Besides wanting to write a funny ode, I wanted a chance to rave about my favorite protien powder and talk about why I use it and how protein powders in general can be really helpful for fat loss when used strategically.

I have written about protein powder several times before, specifically to explain how to choose the right one for you.

In summary, choosing the right one comes down to a few steps:

  • you enjoy the taste (on its own with water, and to put into a shake)
  • you enjoy the texture
  • it is minimally processed and has few ingredients
  • low sugar, low carb, low fat (the primary goal is to get extra protein)
  • it has 20 grams per serving

But even after writing about “how-to” choose a protein powder, the “why” consume protein powder is still a hard question for people figure out.

Time and time again I get asked, “Do I need to eat protein powder?” or “What kind will make me lose weight?” etc. when it comes to protein powder and the subject of fat loss.

Protein powder is not a secret weight loss supplement to drink to “burn fat.”

However, consuming more protein, or emphasizing it in your diet can help you feel more full than say, corn flake cereal. Ample protein in the diet will repair any muscle damage you’ve done in the gym and support lean muscle growth.

When it comes to the “why” of protein powder, or whether or not you should be consuming it, it all comes down to one over-arching question:

Are you able to consume enough protein in your diet through eating whole foods?

Some people simply do not like eating a ton of meat or eggs to increase their protein. And further, there are three other reasons why getting enough protein through whole foods can be challenging.

I’m going to give you three reasons you might want to consider finding a new favorite protein powder and then tell you about the one I use which I love so much.

1. Because you have dietary restrictions

Consuming .7 grams to 1 .5 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight is beneficial for fat loss.

Most of my clients aim for closer to the 1 gram to 1.2 gram range per pound of bodyweight.

Some of my clients with dietary restrictions run into issues when it comes to striving for higher protein ranges. Whether they have to deal with dietary restrictions like being dairy-free, vegan etc. sometimes a tasty protein powder is their best option to make sure they get enough protein to hit their mark.

For fat loss, at the end of the day you want to manage a deficit well like you would manage a bank account, and it is easier to feel more full on a caloric deficit when you consume more protein than it is when you don’t.


Just like it is easier to buy more groceries as a bargain outlet than it is to go to a high-end grocer in downtown Boston.

If you decide you should consume a protein powder, make so you do it strategically. Simply adding it in “just because” might not help you lose weight if that extra protein powder lends you to eat more calories than you normally would in the first place.

Remember, fat loss requires a caloric deficit; you must eat less than you need.

Here’s a strategic example of how to switch your macronutrient ratio to include more protein without more calories:  if you normally eat two or three pieces of fruit as a snack, try swapping out one piece of fruit for a shaker cup with protein powder to increase your daily intake (and keep calories the same).

protein powder and apple

Your Takeaway: finding a protein powder you love can be a strategic what for you to keep your protein consumption high without having to eat entire cartons of egg whites everyday or packages of tofu for vegans.

2. If you are traveling a lot and unable to cook whole foods

I have been known to travel with protein powder in my carry-on in a plastic baggy many a time. On occasion I have literally had to lug the entire tub in my bag.

If I have to stay in an unfamiliar hotel, not knowing if they have a good restaurant or snack shop, having fresh fruit at the concierge or a gym, I get a bit stressed. I hate getting in after late evening flights hungry without any healthy options.

When I keep my protein powder on me, I have it conveniently there to mix with water as a last resort and/or as a strategic snack.  This way I keep protein high throughout the day and not stress where to find good portion sources or feel like I have to live on beef jerky.

Sometimes relying on beef jerky for protein while traveling upsets my stomach. Part of why I love my protein powder is because I mix it with water in a blender bottle to conveniently drink. Plus, it keeps me hydrated.


Even more, the Tripact Protein powder I use has protbiotics so it helps keep my digestion feeling strong with healthy gut bacteria.

I also feel more full after I consume protein than I do just eating an apple alone. Preferably I eat the apple and the protein powder, which isn’t too hard to do because most hotels have apples at the concierge or in the gym.

However, if you are someone who’s on-the-go often and you feel like you are typically grabbing fruit after fruit or granola bar after chip bag, falling in love with protein powder you enjoy could be a huge help to switch your macronutrient ratio getting more protein in your diet.

Your Takeaway: To manage a caloric deficit you want to stay full on less calories. If you travel a lot and consistently feel hungry from only having apples, granola or chips to snack on try a protein powder and make it a new part of your daily routine.

3. If you want to work on increasing your daily protein intake, protein powder can be helpful in general

As already touched upon, protein powder can help you change or shift your macronutrient ratio. So long as you don’t add too much more protien powder into your diet without taking other things out, protein powder can help you increase your daily total more conveniently.

If you love arctic zero, for instance, but need more protein for the day, add some protein powder on top!


If you want some flavor to your greek yogurt, perhaps stir in a half a scoop or protein powder like most of my clients do.

My personal favorite thing to make with my protein powder are protein pancakes. I use the protein powder as the “flour” for the pancakes and mix them with egg whites, PB2 and almond milk!

One other final way to incorporate protein into a meal is use it as the milk for cereal! I will mix Tripact Vanilla Latte with water and Truvia and then pour that on a bowl of Puffins Cereal or Nature’s Path Panda Puffs and voila! protein cereal!!


Your Takeaway: When you start to add more protein powder into your daily rouine, make sure you track it and account for it. For example, you may need to have slightly less oats in the morning (3/4 cup in stead of 1 cup) to add in 1/2 scoop of protein powder, but so long as the calories do not shift you can make more progress with higher levels of protein in your diet.

If you know me well, you know that I am obsessed with Tripact protein powder from www.nutrologyonline.com.

And, if you are interested in trying it (pretty much all of my clients love it), use this coupon code for 20% off!

Go to this website and when you want to purchase, type in “daretomove” for 20% off!

Photo on 8-12-15 at 11.06 AM

Here are my top five reasons for using Tripact EVERY. SINGLE. DAY:

  1. Taste: I used to gag protein powder down with just plain water. I hated chalky powders and in order to consume them I had to put the protein powder into a blender with seven other ingredients and add sweeteners to make it taste semi-good.
  2. When I am on-the-go and cannot blend my protein powder with spinach and kale, I rest with Tripact I no loner stress about NOT getting my greens in, because Tripact has super greens in it! I rest assured that my gut health is still in check with the super greens and also the probiotics it comes with.
  3. I did my homework and made sure this protein powder has all the amino acids and BCAA profile. This means that it has the full profile of amino acids, which, hemp is one of the only whole  foods you can eat  that has all essential amino acids in it.
  4. The vanilla latte is perfect for baking and already has a hint of cinnamon.
  5. I can order it online and it is now part of my lifestyle.

I hope you understand how you too can strategically use protein powder and stay lean or lose fat.

If you want to try my favorite protein powder, make sure to visit www.nutrologyonline.com and checkout Tripact flavors with the 20% off code, “Daretomove.”







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