“G, you’re gonna have to stop eating Quest bars if you wanna lean out,” said fellow gym-goer.

“I know you can’t drink, but you have to have at least one drink for my birthday,” said my best friend.

“You are probably all low-carb right now then, right? No oatmeal for you!” Said the girl at Lululemon.

IMG_5409 (1)

Everyone had an opinion on what I should or shouldn’t have been eating during my bikini prep last fall….

Long story short, I ate whatever sounded good, fit my calories and ensured I’d hit my protein marks for the day.

However, more often than not, I ate the same things each day, things I’d like to share with you today.

This article is not a chance for me to promote any products.

The foods mentioned do not have magical fat loss powers that will induce fat loss more than other foods.

I’d simply like to share a few snacks which help me stay on track in every day life as well as a some snacks from my past fat loss regimen.

The reasons behind why I choose these snacks can and will help you learn more about fat loss in general.

Without further adieu:

My favorite fat loss snacks:

One more disclaimer: there is NO secret food for fat loss. These are just my go-tos.

  1. Egg beaters/egg whites and salsa

This is a simple one; I call it the lazy omelet. You see, I’m a very busy girl (which makes me lazy when it comes to cooking) and I often eat Quest bars on the go.

Quest bars aren’t exorbitantly high in fat, but they do have a fair amount per serving– enough that if I have one or two (in a pinch) and I’m eating anything else with fat in it that day, chances are I’ve probably had enough fat by the time I want an evening snack.

And as an early riser/breakfast eater my days are long; I always want a evening snack after I teach in the evenings–something that’s low calorie, but filling.

Throughout last winter and this recently chilly spring, I’ve been loving egg beaters in the microwave or on the stove with this medium salsa from Whole Foods.


I love this salsa because it’s low sodium. If I’m eating Quest bars, (or any other packaged items), or salad dressing from Sweet Green, I don’t need to have a ton of sodium right before bed. I love this because the egg beaters are about 60 calories (1/2 cup) and the salsa is 30 calories max. I get to feel like I am eating a fiesta bowl before bed! Woo!


Takeaway: eggs (and egg beaters) and tomatoes are low calorie and filling. They are served warm and the salsa is so flavorful that you need not add any other (caloric) toppings. For fat loss, keep it simple, low calorie and protein filled!

2. Protein Powder– three ways

Many of you know that I love Nutrology’s Tripact protein (namely for its probiotic, super greens and glutamine properties) but also because it bakes really well. Read this article for more about my favorite protein powder. And read this for a protein bread recipe.

However as of recent I have been getting into Quest protein powder. I love all the flavors!

I have three ways I enjoy this snack:

  • stirred up in a bowl with water and truvia, dipping rice cakes or apples in it
    • Cookies ‘n cream is best left alone or with rice cakes
  • In a blended shake with water, truvia and spinach– super filling and I get my greens!
  • baked with 1/2 cup of egg beaters– becomes a “mug cake”


I love these because it is 100% trackable. You know exactly how many calories you are getting. If I add spinach I do not track it. If I add egg beaters I typically do 1/2 cup and track 60 calories, so I get a lovely, cake tasting treat for under 200 calories. Expert tip: pour almond milk on top, or sugar-free pancake syrup! Too die for!

Takeaway: Flavored protein powders can serve as the perfect fix when you are craving something sweet. You can even turn them into mini, macro- friendly cakes. Low calorie and filling, you also know exactly how many calories you are getting when you have either a scooper to fill or an individualized packet. Expert tip: Quest’s salted carmel flavored protein powder with egg beaters and truvia is 100% better than real cupcakes.

3. Apples

Apples are incredibly filling. When I come back from spin class on Monday nights, I feel hungry and thirsty at the same time–or just plain beat because Cyc Fitness is so tough!

An apple is great because the gaseous properties make me feel more satiated then higher calorie things. I purposefully buy small or large apples, depending on my nutrition goals.


For instance, if I’m using apples as low cal, last minute snacks I buy the small ones. If I am buying apples to make a dessert or to be a main part of my lunch, I buy the big ones.

If I am super hungry or haven’t hit my protein goals for the day I will stir up Quest Protein powder in bowl with truvia and cinnamon and dip my apple in it.

Instead of having two small tablespoons of peanut butter for 210 calories, I can have a BOWL of peanut butter flavored “pudding” with 21 grams of protein and 2 grams of fat with my apple 😉

Takeaway: apples have a high satiety factor. Reach for these when you want a low calorie, but filling snack. It is important to know that most fruits are low calorie, but, per the portion size and calorie intake, apple are a great, vitamin-packed choice!

4. Turkey slices

The biggest reason why I choose turkey as a go-to snack (besides the fact that it offers a good amount of protein) is that it is super easy to track. I am not so great at portion sizes, but knowing that 3 ounces is 3 slices, all I have to do is grab three slices. No food scale or measuring cup necessary!

Turkey makes keeping track of how much I am eating very easy.


I often eat it with Trader Joe’s roasted sweet potatoes, hummus, or string cheese! It goes with everything!

Takeaway: knowing how many ounces of meat you are eating can be tough to track without a food scale in your own kitchen. Turkey slices are perfect for fat loss when you are on-the-go because you know how much you are eating.

5. Rice cakes

In the same vein as turkey, I choose rice cakes on-the-go because I can count them very easily. The packaging has the calorie count per cake, so I know if I grab two 35 calorie rice cakes I am having 70 calories.


And again, I am not always counting, however, I find that I stay lean all year round when I have a better handle on what I am eating rather than just reaching into a pop chip bag and snacking while typing– I’m sure I could finish a whole bag without even trying.

Takeaway: these are a great snack add on. You can dip them in your protein powder, eat them with turkey or string cheese… even hummus! The good news is that they are easy to track, pack and eat in public!

Bonus: diet sodas and sparkling waters

This isn’t a snack offering any nutritional value, but if you’re like me and you love to snack, this tip may help you.


I’m not sure if it’s an oral fixation or what but I like to snack while I work, or drink things besides water. And, you can’t drink coffee all day or you don’t sleep.

So Diet Sprite, lime flavored sparking water, and other soda waters give me an enjoyable taste. They hit the spot, keeping me from reaching into a popcorn bag or bag of chips while I work.

Zero calorie and fizzy, they kind of act as a fake snack, thus helping me stay lean or achieve fat loss.

Call it my, “productivity habit;” drinking soda waters is my fake snack when the priority in my life is fat loss.

Wrapping Up:

Again, there are no fat loss foods, period.

Fat loss occurs when you are eating slightly less calories than you need to maintain your current weight. If you are curious about reading more on Fat Loss, sign up for my newsletter and receive your free copy of my Fat Loss Jumpstarter Kit.

Also, read this article, to see how you can lean out with just a few, easy switches in your diet.

I hope these snacks inspire you to think of snack you may enjoy. As you think of new snacks you can eat to achieve your fat loss/physique goals consider:

  • Is it easy to track/measure?
  • Does it offer a good amount of protein?
  • Is it relatively low calorie?

If you have any more questions, email at gwcrof@gmail.com

And as always, #daretoeat!





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