In the fitness industry nutrition is often the centerpiece of fat loss discussion, as it should be.

More recently I have seen countless articles urging moderation over restriction, whole foods over processed, vilification of the word “diet,” and other things.

I whole heartedly agree with the moderation mantra, or as Jill Coleman says #moderation365.

What I am not okay with is the bullying of tilapia.

So many fitness experts who have histories of dieting, figure competition specific dieting or disorered eating discuss their rough pasts with restriction. I am not trying to downplay what they have been through at all.

However, as a bystander/avid reader I constantly feel like I am inundated with the cons of tilapia; I read about how someone is so thankful they never have to eat tilapia again or, how “dieting doesn’t have to mean tilapia and asparagus.”

But what if I love tilapia?

What if I want to recommend it to my clients?

Growing up there was a period of time in high school when my family made a switch. We switched from eating fast food dinners almost every weeknight to cooking four nights a week.

One family favorite was my Mom’s baked tilapia.

I missed her tilapia all through college and post grad I wasn’t really focused on cooking. (I am so routine I could eat chicken, broccoli, eggs, chocolate and bananas for years and be fine).

However, very recently I have been on a tilpia kick.

A brief list of reasons why I love it:
-I like to prepare it blackened
-I love it with cayenne pepper
-I like using a butter spray or a tiny bit of real butter
-it gives me 20 grams of protein
-it fills me up
-it goes well with peas 🙂

Long story short, I do not want people out there who are are newly inspired to get their diet in check to think that tilapia is the bane of all nutrition existence and then avoid it like the plague.

A lot of great recipes can be made with tilapia.

I just want everyone to know 😉

Please do not hide from tilapia.


Here’s a quick recipe I love to make:


4-5oz tilapia

1/4 teaspoon of butter -or- I can’t believe it’s not butter! spray

pinch of salt

cayenne pepper


hemp seeds


Place tilapia on a pan on high. add butter on top and sprinkle salt, garlic, dried or fresh chives and cayenne pepper on top. Keep seasoning nearby. As it starts to sizzle, flip it over and put the seasoning on the other side of the fish. Continue to flip it often until it is cooked through. It takes a maximum of 6 minutes to cook through, if the stove is on high.

I throw the tilapia on top of a bowl of peas, add some hemp seeds and enjoy 🙂




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