“So, how do you take your kale?”

If you ask me, (the girl who will randomly realize she has a kale mustache or green kale bits stuck in her teeth on a typical morning), the answer is: I prefer to take my kale all blended up in a shake.



I even have a "kale" shirt.

I even have a “kale” shirt.

However, drinking blended kale is not for everyone.

Yes, it has quite the bitter taste compared to spinach. This is why I put mine in shakes that are sweet tasting. I think the bitter kale and sweet macaroon cookies I use create the perfect balance in my very own cake batter shake recipe. But not everyone is as odd as me.

Here are some other ways to make kale EASY to squeeze in your diet each week.

1. Mix a little kale with a LOT of spinach into your shake.

Because of the bitter taste, ease into large amounts of kale in a shake. I usually advise clients to start by adding spinach to a shake to get used to drinking something green; plus, spinach is virtually tasteless. Little by little add more kale each week.


2. Massage, marinade and leave set.

At the beginning of each week buy a big bag of chopped kale. If you do not plan on using any of it for shakes, pour the bag into a large plastic container.

Splash a tiny bit of water and sprinkle a few dashes of salt on the kale. With your hands “massage” the kale around and it will become a tiny bit softer just by rubbing it.

Then drizzle two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and one tablespoon of olive oil, and some pepper on the kale.

If you do not think you will like this dressing, just throw a tiny bit of apple cider vinegar on the kale in the container to help preserve it.

When it comes time to make a salad, you just scoop some kale out, add more spinach or other greens if you wish, drizzle a tablespoon of honey and then add toppings.

One other thing I advise to beginner kale eaters is to chop off the hard stems when you prepare it. The marinade will help it soften a bit but a lot of people don’t like the tough, crunchy ends.


3. Buy large, Tuscan kale leaves and plan a “taco” night or lettuce wrap night.

Making a filling for these leaves can be as simple as my fave avocado-chicken-egg salad:

Stir/mash together one hard boiled egg (chopped) with two egg whites, two boiled chicken breast tenders, two teaspoons of mustard, a drizzle of honey, avocado (three slices to 1/2 the fruit), chopped red onion and salt and pepper.

However your heart desires, prepare some type of yummy protein-full “filling” and then you have no excuse not to use those big green leaves!




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