I want to begin by stating that I am not a fan of the word “detox.”

I do not adhere to any juice cleansing plans or programs and I do not think any pill, drug or supplement can “detox” you either.

I mean if you, “detox,” then what comes next? You “retox?” Is this a real thing? I think not.

For this article’s sake I am simply taking a pop-culture buzzword and making sense of it when applied to my lifestyle.


On the weekends, I let myself go. Monday is my “detox” day.

Some of you who remember my more “fun” party days in college may think, “Now she drinks on Sundays? NBD, Sunday-Funday.”

“Detox Monday” makes sense if you brunch and booze on Sunday, or all weekend.

But that’s not what I mean.

On the weekends I let myself go— away from the clock– as much as possible.

This means I don’t eat every three hours; I don’t get up when the sun is rising; and I don’t plan my meals.

Furthermore, this leads to forgetfulness when it comes to my water intake. Because I am not near a desk with a water bottle glaring at me or driving with a big liter next to me, I have begun to notice a lack of H20 in my weekend diet.

Another reason for this lack of H2O can be attributed to my eating habits over the weekend. I typically find myself intermittent fasting Fridays-Sundays, unintentionally. I have always changed my eating schedule on the weekends, for as long as I can remember.

Intermittent fasting is a topic for another article but I’ll briefly explain the basics:

Intermittent fasting generally means going 16 hours without food. Thus you have an eight window to eat. A lot of intermittent fasters are men, as their hormonal makeup allows them to see more success with this diet plan. This diet/lifestyle is characterized by not eating upon waking and then once one starts eating, they only eat for the next eight hours—in their “window.” Then they cut themselves off after the eight hour period. Just like carb cycling, intermittent fasters choose their window times and make this plan custom to their lifestyle.

With more sleeping hours and less hours awake on my weekends, it is easier to intermittent fast. I get up later, exercise and then eat; all the while not giving my body as much water as I do Monday through Friday.

Thus, when Monday rolls around I feel a bit off. Sometimes I feel heavier from more food than usual, and sometimes not so lively from the lack of water.

On my best Sundays, I try and start the “detox” at night before bed by drinking a lot of water while watching a show or writing.

But if not, no worries, I just make it a goal Monday.

Here’s the key to this article and the reason I am sharing: recently I have had more time to reflect in my life and noticed this intermittent fasting trend and lack of water cycle that I think has been going on for at least for the last four years.

I can imagine a lot of you go through something similar; whether it is more booze, fried food, or just different foods that you eat over the weekend I want you to keep in mind, it’s NO BIGGIE guys.

However, if you are like me and are used to a regimented routine, two days off track can throw you for a loop for sure, and make it seem tough to get back on track. But it’s not!

Don’t stress it, just treat yourself to water on Monday and start feeling better right away. Promise yourself that. Pencil the water in. It makes for a better Monday.

My Mondays are generally filled with a lot of trips to the bathroom, only one cup of coffee, ZERO supplements, lots of kale and broccoli, 2 full Liters of water and lower sodium foods.

BOOM “detox” DOWN. Easy.

Let’s say weekends are when you work—NO WORRIES. Just pick two other days in the week to get away from the clock, if you can. Call it Monday and Tuesday, for example, to be your “weekend” and let Wednesday be the “detox!”

Just plan guys, just plan.

Also, all of this is based on natural instinct, so listen to your body.In the end, your body will tell you when it needs something, so pay attention and give it what it needs.

Consistency is important, but freedom in life and diet is too. Once you find a groove, you can actually plan to be consistent with your freedom days and set up ways to ensure you never get too far off track—like “detoxing” Monday!!

In the end, make sure you feel GOOD!




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