It was a Tuesday night and I was going to cook dinner for myself and a friend.

The thing is, I know what I like and I forget that other people don’t love egg whites and brocoli for dinner, or ground turkey and peas, or sweet protein butternut squash, for example.

I knew I was going to make steak with my secret vanilla marinade, but what else?

I refuse to eat white potatoes because I do not care for them.

Trader Joe’s was actually out of sweet potatoes. Thus, I loaded up on butternut squash and figured I make my sweet vanilla cinnamon whey protein mash any way. But then I realized I cannot make that–most people prefer to eat potatoes in a savory fashion.

I decided to wing my cousin’s recipe twenty minutes before my friend arrived. It was the most amazing rich orange color and was made of butternut squash, sweet potato, and carrots! My faves! She made it for me a few weeks back and it was fabulous.

“What were the green and red things in the mash?” I texted her.

“Use fresh basil and chilies,” She said.

I ran over to Whole Foods and grabbed a few large carrots, two sweet potatoes, fresh basil, and chilies.

I threw all the butternut squash (3 cups cubed), two sweet potatoes (cut in pieces) and chopped carrots in a big pot and boiled them (it was on high for 7-10 minutes).

IMG_0221 IMG_0222

I chopped the basil leaves into tiny pieces. Then I did the same to the chilies– take the seeds out.

After draining the potatoes, squash and carrots I mashed them up and added salt and garlic powder.

All you gotta do next is stir in the basil and chills!!


This is a great spin on the basic sweet potato side for a fall dinner.

I enjoyed my cousin’s mash recipe with steak and grilled zucchini on my rooftop, how will you enjoy yours?



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