You could call these “organic brown rice low sodium pesto gouda h’ordeurves,” or simply”GF lunchables.”

I was in Trader Joe’s waiting in what seemed like an endless line– the one that zig-zags through the store since Back Bay’s is the smallest TJ’s in the country.

I spied brown rice cakes.

I never buy theses — but they sounded good.

Maybe I wanted salt.

Nevertheless, the line curves and as I wound through the store I noticed things I don’t usually notice.

Next I spied green cheese while I stood near the cheese section.

I looked closer… pesto gouda? Awesome, I’m in.

I knew right then I was going to make pizza out of it.


The next day, I had a flashback. As I spread out the low sodium organic pasta sauce on the rice cake it took me back to elementary school. Every once in a while if we begged enough, my mom would let my brothers and I eat lunchables. This felt like making one. It took two seconds.

I added cheese and garlic powder only, for the first attempt.


I threw it in the microwave because I was roasting brussel sprouts in the oven and I have zero patience. Either way, heat it how you wish.


I made a second, not pictured, and added sauce, then spinach leaves, then pieces of pulled boiled chicken, then the cheese.

FYI, this cheese has 9 grams of protein.




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