If you follow me on instagram, chances are you’ve seen a post, (or 9) about celery juice.

On instagram story you might have also seen me juicing or reading about juicing….

No, I’m not becoming a hippy and no, I’m not doing a “cleanse.”

For me, celery juice has become a morning ritual. Mornings without it, feel like I had to have luke-warm, instant coffee. Barf.

Anyways, today I’m going to tell you a little bit more about why. If you’ve read any of my Gut Health series, links below, you may have an idea already.

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Alright, let’s do this!

Celery Juice is nutritious 

If you’re like me, you thought it was a watery plant that tasted funny as a kid. From ages 5 to 15 I could only be cajoled into eating it if an adult smothered it in peanut butter. Flash forward to adulthood, (and aside from using celery seeds in obscure holiday recipes), I would only have celery as an excuse to eat heaps of almond butter.

But get this…. it’s actually quite good for you!

On the nutrient side, it is packed with Vitamin K and folate. Vitamin K as you know is great for bone health, but it’s also helpful for injury response and healing. Folate is a B vitamin crucial in preventing against cancer (it’s helps grow and repair good cells), supporting nerve and immune functions and also to help women avoid birth defects. If you go look up the percentage of folate in celery it’s not sky high, but it’s present and an easy way for you to squeeze a little extra in your diet.

Celery Juice is anti-inflmmatory

If you’re like me and have dealt with a puffy tummy from gut health issues, or you have other ailments causing inflammation (things like food allergies, a demanding exercise schedule etc) you may be looking for any and all things that can help fight inflammation.

Celery juice fights it by way of the antioxidants ir contains. It also has apiuman, a polysaccharide that helps fight oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is stress in, on, and around our bodies from free radicals formed when we do metabolize things. Everything from detoxing ourselves of pollution in the air, exercising, to experiencing emotional stress or fighting colds, free radicals are formed. If you have a cold, fatigue, poor vision, aches or headaches, it could be caused from oxidative stress. The flavonoid it contains, called luteolin helps control inflammations throughout the day.Celery juice is thus healthy for the liver, too!

Celery juice helps with digestion

Celery juice is alkaline and helps rebalance the gut’s PH level which can become a very acidic environment from our diets. It also helps helps balance and generate stomach acid, which in turn prevents stomach ulcers and helps us digest. Without our stomach acid (which can decrease with age), digestion is not easy. Celery juice has also been known to help constipation.

My experience with Celery Juice

As you may have read, I began cutting back on coffee intentionally, but it was a struggle. On Instagram, I’d read from a few former bikini competitors about the amazing results they’d had from celery juice, like how it helped their belly feel better, so I tried it. Sounds kind of silly like I just dropped everything to drink the Kool-aide, but I did. And, after I tried it, I not only fell in love with the taste, but also the refreshing feeling it inspired. After finding the rejuvenating feeling it inspired, I found it easier to decrease my coffee intake.

I started by blending celery with water in a blender and hand squeezing it in a nut-milk bag to make juices. Time consuming, yes, but worth it, so very much!

The week I began juicing, my registered dietician had been on me about my tuna consumption, leery of the mercury content.

“That can really stunt your healing as it upsets the stomach and is hard to detox with a compromised gut lining,” she said., adding, “Try to get in as many greens and herbs as possible.”

Therefore, I began juicing kale, spinach and whatever greens I had int the refrigerator. To make the taste a little bit sweeter, I began juicing green apple juice to mix into the celery juice and other greens. It became addicting!

Flash forward and my boyfriend gave me a juicer and beautiful glass bottles to use for my birthday!! I now use the machine (it’s a little faster and less messy), and continue to juice, experimenting with ginger, turmeric, lemon and parsley added in!

If you experience anxiety from too much coffee, have a compromised gut, or simply want a refreshing, nutritious drink to start your day, I recommend trying it! See how you feel!

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