Moments after I was potty trained I was put on skis. My mom feared I’d wet my snowsuit, but had just enough trust in me to put me ski school anyway. You might not believe me, but I remember being just over two years-old on Fanny Hill in Snowmass, Colorado, wondering why my ski instructor was making us do “french-fries” and “pizza pies” with our skis– I wanted to make snow angels and eat cookies instead. Lucky for me, we ate cookies later that day, with the picturesque back drop of the Rocky Mountains.

Two year-old Garrett quickly fell in love with Snowmass, (maybe it was the cookies) and flash forward to being 18 years-old in a yoga class in Snowmass  and I met the woman who would be my first ever, professional mentor, Beth Albert after I confessed my love for Snowmass to her. She offered me an internship on the spot.

Working for Snowmass Tourism summer of 2010 was dreamy.  My first “real world” internship/job was the most “Wanderlust” summer of my life.

But you must know that I’ve spent more time there in addition to interning there and skiing as a little girl. I escape there every summer and I’ve spent almost every Christmas there as long as I’ve been alive. Snowmass truly is my own personal getaway.

There I’ve been lost while skiing the trees, I’ve hiked the back country, I’ve jumped off cliffs in The Grottos…

It’s always an adventure!

Needless to say, I love Snowmass which is why it came to mind as soon as Lauren and I decided we wanted to host a retreat together.

It was during our most recent bikini competition that we knew we wanted to help people and do it together (I was running CROF alone and she was running We thought it would be cool to start something more real, more personal.

You see, what you find with an online business is that it’s hard to deeply connect with clients over email. While the #Daretoeat 12-week program does include weekly catch-up calls, it only gets so personal. We wanted to start an annual “retreat” to serve as a gathering place for people to escape to, to connect with other like minded people and also spend time with us, their coaches!

This is not just an educational thing– it’s not just a hiking thing. It’s a getaway where YOU can make it what you want!

We are working on getting gym space to go over some lifting techniques for those interested. We will be doing the full Rim Trail hike. We WILL be doing fat loss Q&A sessions and we will have a meditation session at the Ying Yang spot (shown below).

This trip will be like summer camp– you’ll meet new friends and get outside your comfort zone with them, in the great outdoors!

I’ll lead early morning hikes for those early risers like me. Together we will talk about misconceptions in the gym and hear guest speaker Brittany Diamond talk about her journey through strength training, to become a Pro Strongwoman. Guest Speaker Abbie Elsner will also be sharing her fitness journey as a source of inspiration for those who seek to do the impossible in any facet of life.

I hope that you will leave with friends, a refreshed mindset and renewed spirit for your own fitness journey.

Join us for the Crossroads of Fitness Getaway ’18 in Snowmass, Colorado. Early bird special rates end today, CLICK HERE to purchase now!







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