The decision to become a fitness and nutrition coach wasn’t something I had dreamed of my whole life or just came up with overnight, like most things in life, it came from a handful of experiences and a lot of reflection time.

NUTRITION: I fell in love with the study of macros because of the way that understanding them changed my own life. In high school and early college, I was victim to the traps of all fad diets. You name it – I tried it, and 10 times out of 10, I bounced back – and I don’t mean in a casual way. When I “bounce back,” I eat a full large pizza, a triple chocolate milkshake, and a box of white cheddar cheese-its. Don’t mind me- just over here having a causal binge session… Then I would feel guilty, rinse, and repeat. Flexible dieting saved me, my body, and my metabolism. It wasn’t an option- I HAD to find a way to incorporate the foods I love without crushing my fitness goals. Turns out, I just needed to be educated on the science behind nutrition.  While I had done some further self-study of nutrition and wellness throughout college, it wasn’t until my senior year that I took my first Nutrition class. I’ve always been a nerd for science, but this took it to a whole new level. There is no arguing with the science of it: calories in < calories out = weight loss, calories in > calories out = weight gain; but nutrition is awesome because there is an art to it as well, making it somewhat tricky and unique to the person. There are so many different ways of getting to the end results that can be completely customized to each person and what their goals are. Personally, I love experimenting with my own nutrition – it’s like one big science project: “What will happen if I add/subtract this from my diet…?” “How will this supplement change this aspect…?”

FITNESS: At the age of 12, my neighbor and I would design workouts for each other. I started weight-training in high school and began a self-taught study of what certain types of workouts would do to my body. I started long-distance running in college where I completed my first half-marathon and then first full-marathon with my dad (26.2 miles allows for some great father-daughter bonding time). Upon graduating, I got involved in power-lifting and, dare I say, fell in love. The process of feeling yourself get stronger is incredible and addicting. I began to see changes in my body that I never thought possible. I felt empowered, I felt capable, and I felt the desire to continue to push myself. “How cool is this?!” I thought. I have the power to build the body (aka the glutes I never thought I could have), the health, and the lifestyle that I want. I can’t NOT share this with people. I began looking into personal training certifications and options while helping friends design workouts based on their goals, schedules, and abilities. Before feeling totally confident in making the jump, I wanted to feel what it would be like on the client side and asked one of my besties who was already a coach, Garrett Wood, to coach me in the most extreme of ways. I wanted to be pushed to my limits before I’d ever ask someone else to let me push them. I competed in my first body building competition in 2016 and can now say I’ve been involved in each aspect of the fitness industry.

The last piece (and arguably most critical) in my journey towards becoming a coach was my mentor. I had shared my interest in coaching with Garrett and from that moment on, she became my biggest cheerleader. As I was studying for my NSCA Personal Trainer certification and Precision Nutrition certification, Garrett asked if I would be interested in joining her as a Crossroads of Fitness coach. From there, she taught me how to find my coaching style, how to talk clients off of a ledge, how to structure a fat-loss program and so much more. I continue to learn from her every day. I couldn’t imagine trying to start from scratch to build my training business. Working with Garrett from the beginning and being able to coach my clients through her already proven successful program has been the key to my success.

Each coach has their own journey, their own inspiration, and their own motivation for stepping out as a coach. It is the sum of those things that make you unique and qualified to guide others. I’m simply sharing my experiences in hopes that they will encourage you to step towards the outer limits of your comfort zone. If you’ve been impacted in the areas of fitness and nutrition strongly enough to want to share it with others, but are perhaps missing the mentorship piece or just don’t know where to start, you just might find that the Crossroads of Fitness coaching program is what you’re looking for.


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