Here’s the deal: I am a lazy chick sometimes when it comes to food prepping.

Ironically enough, my laziness developed during the busiest time of my life when catching four planes a week was the norm.

Waking up at 4 a.m., teaching late night fitness classes and traveling on the weekend wielded little time for nice cooked meals, meditation, cleaning or beauty routines.

During that crazy time I developed some hard habits that not got me through it all, but stuck with me.

After this quick-read, the “I don’t have time” excuse will no longer be valid when it comes to your nutrition.

1) Hard boiled egg + egg whites

“Hard boiled egg + egg whites” is something I suggest for my new nutrition clients all the time.

I give each of my nutrition clients guidelines. It is their job to plan ahead each week and devise meals that they can eat to fit those guidelines.

Typically, when a client asks for help achieving a higher protein intake, “hard boiled egg + egg whites” comes up as a breakfast suggestion.

I always get the response, “Wait, can I just make eggs with extra eggs whites?” Or, “Do I have to eat it hard boiled?”

Here’s the thing, when times got busy I always bought pre-made, hard boiled eggs, or made seven hard boiled eggs in my “egger” (see link here) to have them ready to grab and go in my fridge.

This "egger" can make hard boiled, soft boil for medium boiled egg depending on how much water you add!

This “egger” can make hard boiled, soft boiled, or medium boiled egg depending on how much water you add!

In 2013 I was constantly devising ways to eat more protein on a daily basis.

When it came to adding more protein to breakfast, you’d initially just think to add another egg, right?

Well, I didn’t want to eat too many eggs so in order to get more protein without the fat I would add egg whites to my eggs.

At the same time, I didn’t want to waste the pre-made hard boiled eggs (by throwing out the yolks) so I began to microwave egg whites.

Once the egg whites were cooked I would break a hard boiled egg (or two) on top and add siracha.


It’s funny because my clients can most certainly just cook eggs and add some extra whites for more protein, but my habit of microwaving egg whites and adding a hard boiled egg was so solid I wrote it out for my clients, and still do!

When you microwave egg whites and add a pre-made egg on top, it seems like the laziest thing ever, but hey! It works for me!

2) Freeze dried onions

Adding spices, onions, garlic, dill, and other herbs etc. is not only a great way to make recipes more flavorful but an awesome trick to get more nutrients in a meal.

If you are someone who barely has time to cook dinner, I doubt that chopping various onions, herbs and selecting spices is something for which you *do* have time.

freeze dried onions

I for one love onions, but they suck to chop up. I don’t have time to chop anything, really.

My solution? I have been buying freeze dried red onions, chives and garlic since college.

With these freeze dried ingredients I can pour them right onto a quick salad at home.

These little things relieve me from one less food prepping step.

You can find freeze dried onions and chives at pretty much any grocery store, or order them online with the link above.

3) Athletic Greens

Vegetables are nonnegotiable for me. I strive to get as many vegetables a day as possible.

However, finding fresh veggies at airports or on the road is not always easy. Athletic Greens make it easy for me to achieve my veggy goals for the day even when I travel.

Not to mention they taste amazing.

I add water to a shaker and drink them in 30 seconds!

athletic greens

While traveling It makes me feel less stressed to know that I got three servings of vegetables.

If you haven’t tried some– check them out and get 50% off with this link!

4) Low cal, lazy stew

The dish I am about to explain is one of those, “I just got home form work late and really wanna order pizza” substitute. It is a warm dish that is three ingredients and very easy to make.

The dish is an easier version of Shakshouka, which is a dish Jordan and I love. It is a delicious middle-eastern, tomato-based dish.

Shakshouka calls for canned tomatoes.

The pantry is always stocked with canned tomatoes because we love this dish so much.

Having all the canned tomatoes on hand is very convenient for me, the laziest chick ever.

When I am hungry for something warm and low calorie, I will pour a one of the cans of chopped tomatoes into a pan, add some kale and let it simmer.


If I am feeling saucy, I’ll add whatever spices and salt I have on hand.

Once it is all warmed-up and the kale is soft, I grab 4 oz of boiled chicken from the fridge and throw it on top. Boom! Chicken, kale stew, easy!

If you want to make it a little more comforting, add parmesan cheese on top!

5) Two ingredient salad

This recipe was devised out of pure chaos when I lived in Chicago. I used to frequent Trader Joe’s every Saturday post kettlebell session to shop for the week. I particularly loved the Trader Joe’s egg white salad with chives.

egg white salad

I was on a *huge* brussels sprout kick for a while. When I saw the shaved brussels sprouts I was in heaven! No slicing brussels sprouts?! Awesome!


The egg white salads come in two flavors: regular with chives or a spicy ranchero flavor. I dump one container, or a half of a container (based on my hunger level), onto a bowl of shredded brussels sprouts.


This idea stemmed from wanting to meal prep, wanting to include more veggies in my diet, hating regular traditional mixed green salads and having little time to do any of the above.

Adding egg white salad to pre-chopped brussels sprouts in a tupperware container was quite possibly the easiest meal I ever made.

To make it that much better I add truvia.

Believe it or not, most unhealthy chicken salads, potato salads, cole slaw salad recipes are made with added white table sugar. Therefore the truvia makes the egg white salad with chives a little sweeter and for me, more familiar to the unhealthy salad I ate growing up.

If you want to make it a three or four ingredient salad there are a few ways I take the salad a step further when I have more time:

  • If I am feeling saucy I will add either chia seeds or hemp seeds on top to give it more texture and some good fats.
  • In order to add some more calories and make it more filling with extra protein I add 2 oz of boiled chicken breast.
  • Finally, if I have asparagus I need to eat before it goes bad, I will add chopped asparagus to the mix!

Wrapping up

Truth be told I have a lot of little things I do that could appear to be very lazy. However these little hacks are the only way I can stay consistent with my nutrition, ensure that I get veggies in each day, add more flavor and also not result to buying breakfast at Starbucks.

I hope these help anyone trying to ingrain habits of better nutrition, but fear you don’t have the time!



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