Welcome to this week’s installment of the CROF Weekly Update!!

I am currently eating an enormous breakfast which includes but is not limited to: oats, egg whites, peanut butter panda puff cereal and protein powder after getting 10 hours of sleep 🙂

It was a hell of a week that started off with a really fun bike ride last Sunday with my Mom.


I hope you all have had a great week and weekend!

I love that it is starting to feel like fall!!!!!!!

This week I finally tried using Periscope (follow me at @Garre26), did the Strong First Bodyweight and Barbell Challenges, had a stellar nutrition for my #BikiniPrep  and had some clients blow my socks off with insane progress!

You can see the Strong First bodyweight challenge video on my instagram.

I am excited to have taken on three new clients this week and must inform you that I only have two spots left for the #daretoeat Program this month! Email me at gwcrof@gmail.com if you are interested in getting on a fat loss program!

Make sure to check out the “What I am Reading” section, there were several great articles published this week!

This week in the #Daretomove Motivator we talked about a series of my favorite words, “Strong, Powerful, Smooth and Consistent.”

Each day this week there was an email sent discussing one of the words and why it is important to me.

The day we discussed “smooth” I released my first-ever, non-private, bikini posing video (insert racing heart and red cheeks), because I am truly starting to feel more confident with the posing.

I still have a LONG way to go!

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If you want to see the posing, click here.

I am off to lift and teach Cyc, enjoy the update! #daretomove


Sunday: Rest

I went to an engagement party to celebrate my beautiful friend Bailey and her fiancé Nick.


Monday: Upper body lifts with Mom

On Monday I was still in Indy and with the luxury of time my Mom and I were able to totally destroy our upper bodies (we were sore until Thursday). Here’s a short summary of what we did (and no videos were taken; it was GAME TIME).



*narrow bench

*barbell push presses


*lat pull downs: two grip variations

*push ups

Kettebell circuit with cleans, squats, presses and pullovers

Tuesday: Taught Cyc and rest

I had a really sweet lady from London in my class who wanted a photo of me for her blog. She snapped this:


Wednesday: Lower body

I felt like I had just deadlifted (last Saturday) so I omitted the heavy deadlifts and did the rest of my deadlift training day:

*1.5 RDLs

*reverse lunges

*single leg hip thrusts

*3×8 paused back squats

*45 degree hypers with toes to bar

Thursday: Rest (taught classes)

Friday: Taught Cyc + heavy chin ups

I hit six singles with the 40 lb kettlebell and then 3 singles with the 30 lb kettlebell.

Saturday: Heavy squats

I usually rest Saturdays but this short week was so jam-packed I only had two, true, heavy lifting days (I typically do four) therefore I made sure to hit:

*5 heavy sets of 5 squats

*AMRAP squats with 135 (video on Instagram)

*long jumps

*squat jumps

*weighted step-ups

I was incredibly bummed because the hip thrust set-up I have been doing on the Smith Machine at David Barton’s gym was not feeling right– I didn’t have a proper mat and I bruised my hips! Instead of hip thrusts I did weighted step-ups with a barbell.

I then did the Strong First Barbell Challenge (#SFBchallenge). I weighed in at 114 and wanted to do the 1.75 BW challenge of three reps at 200 pounds. Thanks to Lindsay Bergeron of Amp Fitness for challenging me 🙂

I typically deadlift from the top, use a belt and feel safe and strong with a slightly rounded back. Doing this without the belt and starting from the bottom was hard for me and did not feel as good.

I am going to put a video of my regular deadlifts in and the you’ll see the differences in tempo and form between the #SFBchallenge video and my regular form. You compare!


This week there were no high calorie days, as I planned. I stayed between 1200-1550 all week. I feel great. My weight hit 113.6 on Friday but I feel it was due to dehydration.

I ate a lot of oats and eggs, quest bars and Chocolate Milkshake flavored Tripact. (If you are new to my website and unaware of my love relationship with my protein powder, read this article).

I am now wrapping up my #10weeksout week of #BikiniPrep and honestly there is not much new information to tell. I am eating the same way I have since #16weeksout for the most part.

I am getting nervous though!

The posing is hard and I worry I won’t get any leaner some days!

I did not eat any salmon or mushrooms this week but I did have a lot more chicken en lieu of deli meat.

Here are my most recent progress photos:



If you want to follow along with my macronutrients and what I am eating, sign-up at the bottom of this page for the #Daretomove Motivator and you will get my nutrition updates every two weeks.

Also, if you didn’t get to read my initial articles on the #BikiniPrep experience, check these out:

What I am Reading:

  1. Fixing the biggest mistake in lunging via The Movement Fix
  2. How to Lose Weight as Fast as Possible via Authority Nutrition
  3. How to Stay Strong When Dieting via T-Nation
  4. Exercises to help you squat deeper without a single mobility drill via Tony Gentilcore
  5. 101 Reasons to exercise via The PTDC
  6. 11 Myths on Fasting and Meal Frequency via Authority Nutrition
  7. 11 Ways Lifting Improves Your Life via Anyman Fitness
  8. 10 Things vegetarians get wrong via T-Nation
  9. How do Hormones Affect Hunger via Girls Gone Strong
  10. Creative Solutions for Creating Balance via Fitness Pollenator
  11. Reach and Row via Robertson Training Systems
  12. Eight Tips for Long Term Lifting via Bach Performance

Exercise Spotlight: Toes to Bar

When I have the time and motivation I add these into my training for four reasons:

  1. They give me a very deep sore for three days
  2. They challenge my flexibility
  3. They challenge my grip strength
  4. They are hard AF and I enjoy the challenge  🙂

Tips for how-to:

  • if you can do these with a bar mounted on a wall do it, it will eliminate swinging.
  • begin with bent knee raises
  • progress to straight leg raise to horizontal
  • keep eyes on the bar or out in front of you

How to program them:

Do this exercise during your accessory work, after you have lifted a few very heavy things. I like to do them in circuits towards the end of my training or in a superset with higher volume, moderate intensity front squats.

Client Spotlight(s):


Last Sunday Ashley posted this photo on Facebook and broke the internet. Almost 200 people commented on her progress!

She wrapped up her initial 12-week #Daretoeat Program and feels amazing. She is still working with me and plugging away each day. She lost six pounds total and SEVERAL inches. She prioritized protein, read all the learning sheets in my #Daretoeat Program and never missed a weekly phone call. Did I mention she trained with me at Barry’s Bootcamp at 5 a.m. three days a week?

During her program she performed at several concerts (she is a singer in a band) that involved several late nights, she went to weddings and even went on a week-long summer vacation. Her secret: being consistent and planning ahead. I could NOT be more proud of Ashley!




Meredith is a crazy active girl. She will randomly do a sprint triathlon, join a run club, go for a hike or travel to go camping for a weekend. What I love about Meredith is her willingness to try anything. She was open-minded to lifting heavy things and was able to master four bodyweight chin-ups by week 9 of her #Daretoeat program!

She lost 10 pounds and several inches in her 12-Week #daretoeat program. She is going to continue to work towards her end goal of weighing 135 and I have no doubts that she will make it there. This girl is a sweet, funny, powerhouse! Congrats, Mere!





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