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This week I learned a really big lesson with nutrition; I hope you can learn from my own experience.

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Personal updates:

This week was ground breaking: Jordan and I came up with a really exciting long-term business idea.

What did you dream of this week?! #CROFdreams

I’ve been thinking a lot about dreaming lately– if you haven’t started dreaming–daydreaming, night dreaming etc. START NOW; it’s a powerful tool we will talk about on CROF next week!

Late Thursday night I released my *free* ebook the Fat Loss Jumpstarter Kit to my #Daretomove Motivator. I hope this ebook can be a great guide for everyone!

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CoverShot JSEB

I am currently writing you from NYC! Let me tell you, in the past 24 hours I have literally eaten the “best ___” of everything! More details below.

We are in NYC for a seminar Jordan gave at Reebok Crossfit 5th Ave yesterday on the squat! I learned a lot about assessing, coaching and cueing and was fortunate to meet some really awesome people.


Leading up to this weekend couldn’t help but have T Swift’s “Welcome to New York” playing on repeat in my head… and it’s still currently playing.

street posing



  • 5×4 heavy back squats
  • hip thrust 4x 10 @ 135 lbs
  • lateral band walks 4x 15 steps
  • GHR 3x 10 slow eccentric
  • narrow grip pull-ups 4×5

Monday: Back and chest with HIIT

  • chest press heavy x6
  • 10 pushups
    • 4x
  • 1 &1/2 pull-ups 2x 5 reps
  • Lat pull downs x6
  • underhand grip pull down x8/10/12/8
    • 4x
  • single arm chest press x8
  • 3 point row x8
    • 3x
  • alternating hammer curls 3x 12
  • 30 on 30 off high knees 4x
  • 20 on 10 off ball slams
  • 14 30 sec mod pace treadmill sprints

Tuesday: REST

Wednesday: light deadlifts 5×3/4 reps at 190 lbs + pressing ladder + heavy pull-ups +abs and goblet squats

Thursday: REST +short bicep workout with Jordan + Frog Pumps 3×30 (by Bret Contreras See article 15).

Friday: Heavy Deadlifts!!! I warmed up 135, 165, 195, and then hit 225 for three reps! New 3 RM!!!

Saturday: REST


This week I was more hungry than usual due to my monthly cycle. I basically didn’t have any really low calorie days. I kept all days moderate (1250-1400 calories).

Also, considering the monthly timing, I really wanted to BAKE!

Can any of you relate??

I perfected my very own meatloaf recipe AND I made protein bread this week via Jamie Eason’s cinnamon swirl recipe.


For Jamie’s recipe I used organic apple sauce. What’s great is that it’s so low cal and high protein, I ate half of an entire loaf for 280 calories and was stuffed!

As far as what I ate besides meatloaf and cinnamon bread, I still continued on with my tilapia obsession and added in some pork tenderloin this week.

The easiest way I prep pork is by baking it in the oven with a mustard parmesan marinade: literally just dijon mustard and parmesan cheese grated.

Now for the ultimate [mindset] nutrition lesson this week:

Before I got to NYC, I was at a deficit but hadn’t been as restrictive as the previous week.

The apartment we are staying in had a scale and I weighed 117 Friday night before dinner.

Even with “high days” planned for Friday and Saturday I ended up going way over my calorie guidelines.

I admit, I was worried because I didn’t want to feel bad about myself and I wanted to stay strong mentally. I also wanted to “live a little” an enjoy the amazing food choices in the city.

Part of going over calories (besides being in NYC with *incredible* food) was due to being over-tired and over-hungry from lack of sleep leading into the weekend; sleep keeps me sane and my hunger manageable; only getting four hours three nights last week threw me off.

On Friday after our first training session we had only eaten Quest bars so we went to the closest restaurant we could find. It was a Mexican place; I had ceviche and seafood soup.

seafood soup

As noted, I went over my own personal calorie guidelines but the majority of what we ate was really, truly, healthy protein filled items like shrimp, salmon, oysters and more.


The best shrimp cocktail I’ve ever had. It sat on top of a gazpacho and was served warm at Lucien.

After his seminar Saturday we had a protein packed late afternoon snack of lobster deviled eggs, oysters, lobster salad and ceviche.


But then the unhealthy eats happened… we took the “When in Rome…” mantra and just owned it.

First, we split two of the best tacos of my life from a food truck.

Then, we sampled sweet potato fries at The Globe *and* had pizza from Joe’s Pizza on 3rd and 14th St. (Carmine and Beecker).


I bet you can’t believe it.

It actually happened.

I HAD definitely consumed enough protein before indulging in the carb extravaganza.

But, I started to feel worried and disheartened. Had I messed it up? What about my progress?

As a coach I know the answers to all of those questions but when sometimes it is hard to coach yourself.

But I thanks to a quick pep talk from Jordan’s friend from high school (who is an actor in NYC) I realized that negative attitude and mindset  in and of itself would be the ONLY thing that could actually ruin my progress.

What’s even cooler is Jordan’s friend gave me some great advice… He told me to focus on the skills I am doing rather than *only* the calories. 

Obviously the calories are important; but for example, he asked, what if I took my 15 max pull-up PR and turned it into 30? Would I be leaner once I could do that ? Maybe.

He went into a detailed story about his past with long-term dieting and revealed a lot about the ugly-ness that can occur mindset wise. He described the obsessiveness, fear, and unproductive nature that can occur in a dieter’s mind when being too restrictive for too long–exactly where I don’t want to go.

I really appreciated hearing that from him and I am taking his advice and sharing with YOU another goal I have (coinciding with getting lean(er)):

I want to deadlift 300 pounds. I will be competing in a powerlifting meet in October.

As far as nutrition goes…I am moving on, training hard and planning to get right back on track.

Maybe it will take me 12 weeks instead of ten to reach my goal; but I will still reach it.

I hit an all time low this morning too; I was 115.5 when I woke up.

Finally, Jordan and I already had an awesome sweat session at Barry’s Bootcamp in Chelsea to start the day off right!


What I am reading:

1. What Supplements you should take via Bryan Krahn

2. Quick Guide to Minimalist Performance Lifting via Bach Performance

3. 15 Healthy Foods that are Really Junk Foods via Authority Nutrition

4. Run your race via Crossroads of Fitness

5. Fix Your Squeaky SI Joint via David Dellanave

6. Does Lifting Heavy Make You Bulky? Find the Truth Here via The Girls Gone Strong

7. How to Lose Body Fat Without Tracking Macros via Smootfitness

8.  Mastering the Basics: A Master SFG’s Advice on Getting Started with Kettlebells via KettlebellWorkouts.com

9. How to Do Anything via Precision Nutrition

10. 11 Health benefits of Fish via Authority Nutrition

11. The Trendy Strength Coach via Skill of Strength

12. Over Stressed and Overeating: How to solve the two biggest health and fitness problems most women face via Precision Nutrition

13. Body Recomposition: The Minimalists Guide to Cutting Weight without Losing Muscle via Evicdence Mag

14.  Ten Reasons to Eat more Protein via Authority Nutrition

15. Frog Pumps: A Highly Effective Glute Activation Drill via Bret Contreras

16. Loaded Carries: the What, the When and the Why via Rebel Performance

17. Kettlebell Deadlifts via Matt Rossignol

18.  Nine Best Bodyweight Exercises for Size and Strength via Von Blanco Fitness

19. The Dumbest Myth in Nutrition via Bach Performance

20. 3 New Barbell Complexes to Make Your Workouts Harder, Faster and (to build one hell of an ass) via Syatt Fitness

Exercise [complex] of the Week: Goodmorning to reverse lunge via Syatt Fitness


This week’s exercise spotlight is a complex exercise. This means you are working multiple muscle groups and in this case pairing two difference exercises together.

I watched Jordan do this exercise last Sunday and figured I would give it a try after my heavy deadlifts on Friday.

My booty is STILL sore.

Two things to think about in this exercise:

1) on the good morning, behind the knees is okay, but try to really focus on the hamstring stretch. Feeling a burn in the low back is normal. Avoid this exercise if you have low back injuries or severe pain.

2) on the reverse lunge I was tending to curtsey a bit when completing the good morning in-between each lunge. Try to make the step back a bit smaller. If you aren’t used to barbell reverse lunges you too may feel like you curtsey a little; it takes practice.

Try it this way:

-4 goodmornings to get the movement down

-1 goodmorning to one reverse lunge 8x on the right leg

-then go right into 1 goodmorning to one reverse lunge 8x on the left leg

Complete four rounds.

At the end of four sets you will have done 32 lunges per leg

Client Spotlight : Tracey and the Food Truck Success Story

My Client Tracey has been killing it throughout her #daretoeat Program.

She had a frustrating three week period wherein the scale wasn’t budding much despite her consistent efforts of hitting calories and protein day in and day out.

Last week she was anticipating a Food Truck event and got a it nervous.

How would she hit her calories and protein when she couldn’t plan ahead of time?

What were the best options to eat?

I couldn’t even help give menu suggestions because neither of us knew what to expect.

To throw another obstacle at her before the event, on Friday she saw the biggest jump in the scale and finally was thrilled to be 7=seven pounds down in seven weeks!

The last thing she wanted was to stall progress by over doing it at a Food Truck event.

chx salad FT

Here was one of her protein sources… she omitted the bun here to save calories.

Here was our “rough draft” strategy:

-Pick one official meal with protein in it + thee “bites” of family member’s items


-Pick two medium portions of protein only items and have 3 “bites” from family member’s items

-Choose either ONE drink or ONE desert.

We knew ahead of time it would be a day where portion wasn’t going to be perfect but we needed to make sure calories were on point.

She also ended up at 1400 calories for the day and 150 grams of protein! Woo! Go, Tracey!

Here is what Tracey went with:

-BBQ without the bun

-Small chicken salad without the bun

-4 bites of a tostada

-serving of 1/2 cup of coleslaw

-1/2 of a Canoli

Here’s her side of the story:

We found parking in Providence and walked approx a mile to arrive to a sold out Food Truck Festival at 1pm, an hour after opening.



We browsed each of the trucks before picking the BBQ line.

Little did we know that we’d be waiting 2 hours!!

We all took turns standing in line and getting food.

I snuck away and grabbed the curried chicken salad. I ditched the bun and had about a 1/2 cup of chicken etc.

It was delish and did the trick for the next hour in line. Friends brought Bill a pork tostada which I had 4 “spork” -fuls of.


Love that Tracey counted her bites. 4 to be exact!


It was amazing but I controlled myself.

We got to the front and ordered pulled pork sandwiches and baby back ribs. Both dry rubbed, no sauce.

Bill and I shared 1/2 a sandwich and I had 2 small ribs (approx 4″ each).

She did not eat the bun to save calories for other bites. However this pork was a great source of protein for roughly 200 calories.

She did not eat the bun to save calories for other bites. However this pork was a great source of protein for roughly 200 calories.

I also had a 1/2 cup of cole slaw.

As we were sitting in the beer garden (which I did not partake in on this warm, sunny day overlooking the water) my 12 year old nephew came back with cannoli! Keeping it real, I had a half of a small chocolate peanut butter amazing cannoli.

That was it! I think pretty successful.

We then walked about another mile to the local bar on the hurricane barrier in Providence, the Hot Club. I ordered an ice water as rum punch, G&T’s and cold beers were being had around me. I was fine and didn’t die and had fun!





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