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Personal updates:

This week flew by!

Although I didn’t publish any articles I have spent all week feverishly typing not only three new articles for next week but a new client offering that I cannot wait to share with you so STAY tuned!!!

Also, this week I was able to get into one of my favorite gyms in Boston, Achieve Fitness, and do *all* three days of my strength training. WIN!

Even better, for the first time this summer I hit my roof deck for 20 minutes of SUN!

Here is a photo of me after drinking 16 ounces of the HUGE shake pictured above (I’ve been on a shake kick this week).

Am I kinda bloated? Yes! do I care? NOPE!

Am I kinda bloated? Yes! do I care? NOPE! #defintielyNOfilter

Barry’s Update! There has been a new class added to Barry’s Bootcamp which I will be teaching on Wednesdays at 5 a.m…. interested?! Sign up here!

I have still been receiving feedback from my ebook as well–don’t forget to get your copy!

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CoverShot JSEB

Last night I hit up an excellent spot: the Revere Rooftop!

We didn’t get a seat but we stood in the corner balcony area overlooking Back Bay and each had one amazing drink. Mine was berry vodka with blueberry infused water.

revere rooftop

This week I am ever thankful that all of my clients are absolutely killing it!

Here are a few #progresspics of some stand out clients:

My client Katie's abs decided to make a stunning appearance this week and needless to say we were BOTH stoked! Go, Katie!

My client Katie’s abs decided to make a stunning appearance this week and needless to say we were BOTH stoked! Go, Katie!

Another one of my clients is about nine weeks into her program and seeing some major results!

week 9

And finally, my baby brother, Hunty, has completed a 10 week program and lost ten pounds. He is deadlifting 330 for 3 reps and looks so good next to his babe of a girlfriend, Britt! More on his story next week!


See a great testimonial at the end of this update 🙂


Sunday: Barry’s Bootcamp Chelsea (Total Body)

I got into a class and totally had a blast! I met the trainer who trained the Barry’s Bootcamp Boston owners and instructors. He murdered our shoulders and pushed us to sprint at 12.5 speeds!

Monday: NEW Strength Program cycle at Achieve Fitness!!! Woo!

  • Deadlifts 5 x 8
  • narrow grip bench 3 x 8
  • Mobility work
  • Heavy Kettlebell presses
  • Single-leg deadlift to reverse lunge

Tuesday: Barry’s Bootcamp Butt & Legs

Although I couldn’t get into an actual class, I did (some of) the floor portion of my own programing in my building’s gym to #practicewhatIpreach. I had 15 minutes and that was all I needed!

  • Right leg:
    • 1 minute reverse lunges
    • 1 minute weighted step ups
    • 1 minute split squat jumps
  • 1&1/2 Goblet Squats 1 minute
  • Left Leg:
    • 1 minute reverse lunge
    • 1 minute weighted step up
    • 1 minute split squat jumps
  • stiff leg deadlifts 2 minutes
  • frog pumps 1 minute

Wednesday: I trained Chest and back in my building’s gym and picked up 40 pound dumbbells for chest press for the first time ever!!

Workout was a variation of my normal back and chest day:

  • 1&1/2 neutral grip chin ups 3 x 5
  • Chest press heavy 4 x 6 (cc: 40 lb dumbbells!!!)
    superset with 3 point rows 4 x 8
  • wide grip lat pull down 4 x 6 with underhand grip pull down 4 x 8
  • face pulls 3 x 10
    superset with weighted pushups and plate push ups

Thursday: Achieve Strength Training

I did my benching program and was excited to go back to sets of 8. Now hitting 80 pounds for all 5 sets of 8 reps!

Friday: Achieve Strength Training

Light deadlifts for speed, kettlebell cleans and presses, and 5 sets of 8 back squats!!!

Saturday: REST


This week I was very on top of my nutrition and I attribute a lot of that to trying new meal prep strategies!

I wanted to brainstorm some new ideas for myself and clients.

One thing I prepped as a whole food low calorie snack were these 3 ounce shrimp tomato sauce, broccoli and yam noodles mini-meals for 105 calories!

shrimp prep

Another thing that has been helpful are these pre-packaged salmon filets Jordan bought for me. (Yes he grocery shops for me when I cannot go– we make a great team!) I ate them with a 100 gram (100 calories) sweet potato every day this week.




One of my favorite diners is an incredible Shakshouka recipe!

It changes every time as we continue to manipulate it with various spices but overall the meal contains:

  • lean ground beef (or ground turkey or chicken)
  • egg or egg whites (optional)
  • tomatoes freshly chopped
  • canned tomatoes
  • some type of green or veggies

Lastly, last night I went to my regular sushi place (Genki Ya) and as always the service and the food were on fleek 😉



What I am reading:

1.Exercise Rest Periods for Workouts are the Middle Child of Exercise Programming — Forgotten and Neglected via The PTDC

2. The Science of Eating via The Science of People

3. Sumo and Conventional Deadlift Technique: The 3 Most Important Rules via Adam Pine

4. Skip the Sit-Ups and Try These 4 Core Exercises via Stacey Schaedler

5. What’s a Realistic Rate of Fat Loss via Evidence Mag

6. You Down with GPP? via Tony Gentilcore

7. The Dirt on Clean Eating by Alan Aragon via WannabeBig.com

8. Unstable Surfaces Versus Solid Ground: Which is Better? via Dean Somerset

9. 3 Awesome Workouts You Can Do in 15 Minutes or Less via Girls Gone Strong

10. Torch Fat with these Free Weight Finishers  via T-Nation

11. The Best Leg Exercise You’re Not Doing via T-Nation

12. 2 Shortsighted Lifting Mistakes Keeping You From Getting Strong via Syattfitness

Exercise of the Week: lateral shuffle on a treadmill (or outside)

I incorporated this movement a lot in my Barry’s Bootcamp programming this week so I thought highlighting it here would be a great idea!

If you are trying to incorporate lateral movements into your training add this one in! If you aren’t sure about lateral movements, read about the importance of doing so here, this is one way to do it!

Another reason I love this exercise is not only does it help me work on my coordination, but it’s a good way to keep cardio interesting.

In example, if you are power walking and want to get your heart rate up a little more and do a few intervals, try side shuffling for one minute each direction, or 30 strides (speed 2.5 to 5.0 on a treadmill). Then rest and repeat three times.

Here’s a quick treadmill workout to try! Don’t be afraid to take it outdoors and omit the inclines!

Warm-up : 2 minute jog

3-4 add one point to speed and run

4-5 add another point *fast run speed* (feel like you are running a short race)

5-6 back to a jog 3% incline

6-7  fast run speed 3% incline

7-8 recover (walk) then jog

8-9  Lateral  shuffle 5% incline

9-10 Lateral Shuffle opposite direction 5% incline

10-11:30 jog

10:30-11 Sprint 2% incline (9.0 speed or higher)

11-11:30 jog / recover

11:30-12 Sprint 2% incline (9.0 speed or higher)

Client Spotlight : Karen and Her Fat Loss Journey while helping others

My Client Karen is an incredible women with a passion for helping others. She and I have been working together for about 10 weeks now and she is killing it. The one struggle we often find is trying to find a balance between her helping others and finding time to help herself.

She has come up with some incredible strategies I asked her to write about in order to help any of you who might be going through something similar! Whether it’s a job that requires travel, new babies keeping you up late at night or community service that seems to get in the way of fat loss goals, read about some ways Karen combats the obstacles and stays on track!

It’s important to note that she forgets to mention her dedication to weekly circuits I write for her. Despite her crazy community service last week, Karen was able to challenge herself TWICE to bodyweight circuits, play tennis and take a 17 mile bike ride! Go, Karen!

Her side of the Story: This week I was volunteering for a program that our church sponsors called IHN. IHN stands for Interfaith Hospitality Network and is a program in partnership with congregations and community organizations to house children and their families who are homeless. Our church hosts families three weeks during the year.

This week we had 3 families with 5 adults and 9 children.

During the day, the families stay at the IHN center in downtown Indianapolis to use that as their home base as they meet with various agencies, apply for jobs, interview, etc. In the evening, our church provides dinner, activities, and a place to shower, wash clothes and sleep.

I volunteered to be an overnight host.

My duties included making sure everyone gets an evening snack and anything else they need to feel comfortable before bed. In the morning, I provided breakfast and a sack lunch if needed for the day.

The reason I am telling you about this experience is that it obviously interrupted MY normal schedule; which included where I was sleeping, how much sleep I was getting, and when and what I would be eating during the week.

My weight fluctuates 2 – 3 lbs up and down during the week. I tried to plan out my meals that I would be eating at home and the snacks I would be taking to the church for overnight. I knew my snacks would have to be protein heavy as I wasn’t able to get in as much protein during the day. Here are some of my faves:
1)Quest Bar – 24 grams protein


2)Isopure Drink – This is a readymade to go Gatorade tasting protein drink with 40 grams protein and 170 calories in one bottle.

3) Dannon Light and Fit Greek Yogurt – Lots of flavors to choose from and very rich and creamy. 12 grams protein and only 80 calories. Sometimes I may include ¼ cup raw almonds if I need something really crunchy to go with it.


dannon greek


Anyway, I ended up being down another pound this week eventhough I was outside of my normal routine and not sleeping at home or on a schedule. This program can be done but it takes planning and commitment to making it work. I am no expert (only 10 weeks into the program) but I can see by tracking and hitting the calorie and protein targets that weight loss is possible!




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