In case you all wonder are wondering what I have been up to this month (besides launching this website) and what’s coming up, here’s some deets!

Upcoming classes in Boston:

9/22 Velo-City Spin class 7:30 pm

9/23 Barry’s Bootcamp Boston 5:00 a.m. Butt & Legs

9/25 Barry’s Bootcamp Boston Hard Core Abs 12:00 p.m.

9/26 Barry’s Bootcamp Boston Total Body 6:30 p.m.

9/27 Barry’s Bootcamp Boston Total Body 8:30 a.m.

9/28 Velo-City Spin class 1 hour ride 10:00 a.m.

9/29 Velo-City Spin class 7:30 p.m.

9/30 Barry’s Bootcamp Boston 5:00 a.m. Butt & Legs!

Events in Boston:

9/27 BosFit 8:30-noon

Things I am working on:

After completing the SFG certification (see below) this month. I began my new endeavor of learning all things barbell September 15th. So far, SOOO good. Just a couple scrapes from sumo deadlifting…. more to come here!



Earlier events and happenings:

SFG Level I Certification: Sep 7th-9th

Finally! The event came. I traveled to Philadelphia and had an awesome time.

Strong First is a kettlebell organization that came about in 2012. It is life changing. It is not just a certification where you take a test and pass and are “certified.” Here you are evaluated based on your strength through physical tests, interaction with others, ability to coach others and a written test.

I began training 12 weeks out to be strong enough to not only complete the skills and snatch test, but to also have strength to survive the weekend full of workouts.

Skills (using two 12kg bells):

double KB front squat 5 reps

double KB overhead press 5 reps

double KB swing 5 reps

single arm overhead snatch 5 reps each arm

double KB cleans

100 snatches in 5 min.

I spent the first week in September cutting weight to be under 123 pounds, in order to use 12 kg bells for the skills tests. If I was over 123 pounds I would use 16kg bells (roughly a 15 pound difference). I felt confident in all my skills with the 16 kg bells except the snatch test. Thus, I decided to try and stay below 123 pounds and it was tough. However it was ironic because I had never really weighed over 120 pounds in my life–gaining muscle means weighing more!

I met a lot of incredible leaders and continual learners while enjoying the experience with my own coaches from Achieve Fitness Boston and two other Achievers, Lindsey and Tristan.

I passed!

SFG Phili

Strong fixes everything!

Chicago September 12th-14th: Teaching, Interviewing and participating

I planned to come back “home” for a weekend for a kettlebell juggling workshop! Unfortunately the workshop was cancelled, but I still went to Chi-Town and made the most of one weekend!

Shred Old Town:

I taught a total body class for co-owner Bonnie Micheli at 8:30 a.m. and the shredders crushed it– especially the MILE CHALLENGE! Woo! SO great to see old friends and shredders cc: Kaitlin, Brian, Sean.


Rebell Strength & Conditioning

I took an awesome strength and conditioning class involving jump ropes, seven rounds of 10 heavy swings followed by a complex met con 20s on 20s off of body weight squats, TRX rows or KB plank rows, moving planks, lateral lunges, heavy KB push presses, overhead KB presses. We finished with heavy sled pushes and slow crawling.

Shred415 South Loop

Thankful for the opportunity to teach at the newest Shred415 location in the South Loop. South Loop is an amazing space with more decks and treads. I had two full classes with some focused shredders! We did sprints, side shuffles, hand to hand swings, bottoms-up med ball squats, windmills, med ball roll-outs, pistol squats, L-sits and more! Woo! #shredSoLo cc: Kevin, Erin, Liz, Georgia, Autumn, Luca, Tim, Swati.


My bff Luca, a Shred415 instructor.


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