Happy Valentine’s DAY  (belated)!!!

I kicked off Valentine’s day weekend teaching at Barry’s and grabbing a celebratory drink with a girlfriend for her new job.

Saturday I got my ass kicked by Nicole at Barry’s and then I made a Valentine’s day protein cake.

I got back into *heavy* lifting last week and can’t wait to share my not-so-great numbers with you. I believe my body is still recouping from my meet, or maybe I am just a wuss.

Either way I listened to my body, chilled out, did’t crush myself and had a very chill week with Calories– my nutrition was not very strict.

Another highlight from last week? I increased my nap time to 90 minutes and improved my mood 90% 🙂

Seriously, I napped 90 minutes everyday last week; but I think I may have jacked up the intensity too soon, using questionable intensive nap-strategies because I hit a wall and was unable to nap today or yesterday…..

Make sure you check out my guest writer, Kevin Mullins’ article on strength training in the fitness reads. He is an incredible writer, he is funny and his information is superb.

Also, one of my good friends launched her wellness website on Friday and her Vantine’s Day article is epic.



Monday: Deadlifts 3×3 at 225

I was ore for days.

The HUGE bummer here is that I lost all of my videos!!!

Here was my workout, I added two videos at the end (one is old and one is not me) since I do not have footage (bummer).

*Deadlift 225 3×3

Unfortunately 225 felt like the heaviest thing. it was so slow and hard to get off the floor!!!

*Speed DL 205 6×2 (two reps every 30 seconds)

*Banded Deadlift 3×10 at 155 pounds (most volume I’ve ever done)


  • 1.5 lunges with 100 pounds on my back 3x6leg
  • frog pumps 3×30
  • weighted hypers 3×12


  • banded clamshell (20 pulses right leg, 20 left leg, 20 both legs
  • weighted step ups with 45 pounds plate 8/leg
  • banded hip extensions


New program cycle as I enter my hardcore #bikiniprep training with an emphasis on the glutes. – Instead of increasing my weight to 110 pounds for reverse lunges today I changed the drill to a 1.5 lunge and stayed with 100 pounds. It's been a rough few days for me, but there's literally nothing some deadlifts, lunges and speed deadlifts can't fix ? try these in a goblet lunge if you don't have access to a barbell. Tap the back knee, come up halfway, tap the knee again and then stand. – I am #9weeksout from my bikini contest and I cannot wait to share my progress tomorrow. Find mini-goals to crush throughout the week when you are on a bigger mission. – The little things keep me motivated and accountable.#daretomove #daretoeat #daretolift #lunges #bootywork

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Tuesday: Front-Squat and push-press day

Unfortunately I lost all footage but THIS instagram:


I was sore for DAYS, (Reoccurring theme the week you start a new program).

Wednesday: Sprints & Tumbling

Wednesday I did the following treadmill workout:

0-1 3% incline jog-run (5-6 speed)
1-2 8 % incline push (7-9 speed)
2-3 3% incline run (6-8 speed)
3-4 8-10% incline push (7.5-9.5 speed)
3-3:30 3% jog 30 sec (5-6 speed)
3:30-4 3% sprint 30 seconds (10 or higher)

****90 sec recovery

Two minute, 1/4 mile challenge at a 2% incline.

Minute or two to recover.

Two rounds of 5% incline :
– side shuffle 30 sec,
-side shuffle 30 sec,
-back peddle 30 sec,
-jog 30 sec,
-sprint 45 sec
(90 sec rest inbetween)

Five 30 seconds sprints with 45 seconds to recover on 0 % incline.

This took me less than 23 minutes to complete.

Then I had some fun tumbling and doing some JUMPS. I was very sore from the toe-touches:

Thursday: Bench Day

Thursday I really wanted to bench but my shoulder was still bothering.

How could I go heavy AF but not put stress on it with dumbbell or pain from bench pressing?

Floor pressing 95 with a barbell 🙂

After these I did:

  • seated cable rows 3×15
  • single arm KB cleans 3×8/arm (hello cardio!)
  • lateral band walks


  • paused push-ups
  • single arm KB presses
  • glute bridges and low jacks with a band.


I was tired on Friday and didn’t get to train in the morning as planned.

I didn’t want to skip squats though.

Because I want to keep as much strength as possible for potentially another powerlifting meet, I still want to stay as heavy as possible in my lifts until about 3-weeks out from my next competition.

Also, keeping brute strength is what my body and metabolism are used to, it’s what I enjoy and it worked well for me last bikini competition.

To keep strength but increase volume for more booty gains I went back to my good ‘ole 15 sets of 5 reps regime.

It was hard AF and I felt like my quads were broken til Sunday.

After the squats, (which took roughly 45 minutes) I did 3 sets of 15 banded glute bridges, into 15, 1.5 glute bridges).

That was IT. Vey simple, very effective.

Saturday: Barry’s Bootcamp with Nicole!!!

Sunday: Rest


Last week was the first week of my (womanly) cycle.

I talk with my clients a lot of how our hormones affect our hunger and strength levels throughout the month.

For most women (myself included) find that the first week after their period, (or first week of their cycle) they feel super energetic and less hungry–a great time to prioritize fat loss, or do well on a fat loss program!

And it’s not just a weird thing I made up, scientifically speaking, the first 5-7 days of your cycle you start from rock bottom estrogen levels and then they slowly increase.

As estrogen increases the energy levels rise and you feel AWESOME.

I am very in tune with this phenomena. I always know it’s a good time to go for PRs in the gym during this time and OK to have more lower calorie days… I generally eat much less that week in my cycle.

That phase began for me last week, which is why as you can see, instead of resting two or three days, I only rested one!

This is another reason why once a month I do sprints on my own AND Barry’s in the same week.

Anyway, that being said, I ate much less last week. I craved very few things and felt much leaner than I had in a while.

I ate broccoli very day last week with fat free parmesan and it felt like such a treat!

I also added an apple a day back into my regime, kept my oats and egg beaters in my prep and had a lot of quest bars.

This coming week will be a non-quest bar week.

I am now 8 weeks out from my competition and feeling the pressure to turn up the intensity on my training and nutrition!!!


Let’s do this!

9weeks out

What I am reading:

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  2. Ready. Mindset. Lift. Mindfulness of Optimal Workouts via Tony Gentilcore
  3. Valentine’s Day via Doing It Well with Dee
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  8. 5 “Bro” exercises that every girl should use via Crossroads of Fitness by Kevin Mullins
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Exercise Spotlight: Mobility drills to try!

Client Spotlight(s):

 Bani’s #DaretoRun program success:


You might remember Bani’s #Daretoeat program success story last summer. She crushed my 12 week program and was inspired to try and run a half marathon. And not just any half marathon but one in hilly San Fran that involved uneven surfaces. She reached out to me last fall for a #DaretoRun program She followed the hill, distance and speed work to a T and kept her nutrition within reason. She CRUSHED it and blew all her friends in San Fran away– they thought she was crazy for making her first race such a challenging one! Proud of you Bani!!!!!

Morgan deadlifts without pain:

Morgan began strength training day 1 of her #Daretoeat Program.

Back then she was doing squats with a 15 pound dumbbell. During the last week of her #Daretoeat nutrition program she tried deadlifts for the first time. Finding the right form and positioning was hard for her and she tended to want to shrug her shoulders and take her stance very narrow.

Because she hadn’t figured out what stance felt right for her, she was feeling her back a lot during and after the deadlifts, and not in a good way.

She sent me this video last week. She is now in her fifth strength cycle and deadlifting 155. Go, Morgan!!!

Lindsay’s powerlifting meet prep:

My client Lindsay is preparing for her FIRS-EVER powerlifting meet this spring. She was dedicated to the group training program while she completed my group nutrition program last fall. (You may remember her abs in a progress update!!)

I am so stoked for her. Not only am I excited to watch her take on such a massive goal, but I am in awe of her strength. She benched 115 for sets of 6 last week and sent me this killer deadlift video as well. 195?! HELL YEAH LINDSAY!

Karyn’s travel prep:

karyn Prep

My client Karyn is a BOSS lady. She travels almost EVERY week and she never misses a beat. She is working on her pull-ups as well as nutrition. She sent me this photo–proof of her dedication– to show how she prepares for weekly travel. These snacks help her hit her numbers while away from her own kitchen. Go, Karyn!

Honorable mentions:

*Shout out to my client Alexa for losing 15 pounds in 12 weeks! I can only imagine how much stronger she is going to get, too. From day one of her #Daretoeat Program she agreed to run less and lift more. She looks amazing!

*Shout out to my MOM who is now the proud owner of DEADLIFTING SCARS, benches 115 for sets of 10 reps, and deadlifted 115 last week!!!

*Shout out to my BFF from college, Lauren Fingers as she has signed-up for her FIRST EVER NPC bikini competition!!!!! She will be ON STAGE WITH ME at the April 16th show in Beech Grove, IN.






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