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Your personal guide to fat loss via the Crossroads of Fitness’s FIRST EVER *FREE* Ebook!


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This book is your blueprint to plan your own fat loss regimen.

This is not a quick-fix book. It’s not a “21-days to skinny!” It’s not an “Eat this and drink that diet” book.

This is a comprehensive guide to lose weight in a sustainable manner.

The Fat Loss Jumpstarter Kit will help you plan your own fat loss program.

 I share the strategies and tactics I have learned from past experiences coaching others and from being a fitness enthusiast myself.

The Fat Loss Jumpstarter Kit will open the door for you and arm you with the knowledge you need to set off on your own fat loss journey.


So what’s inside?

  • Tools of the Trade

What exactly do you need on hand for fat loss? Diet pills, magic socks, maybe extra rice cakes?

If you know me, you know I am not one for quick fixes.

However, there are some things you can use to hold yourself accountable, track progress and prepare for your own plan. The CROF Fat Loss Jumpstarter Kit will show you what you need!

  • Meal Preparation Strategies

I used to think I had to plan out everything to the calorie; then I thought I could just wing it.

I tried everything: making lunch boxes, saran wrapping mini-sandwiches, pre-making salads… in theory, all were great ideas but just not practical for me.

Read on to find out how I prep various carb sources and protein sources for the week.

  • Side Note Stories

Do you enjoy stories?

Well, I most certainly do.

Within the Fat Loss Jumpstarter Kit I share with you some very personal accounts of my own fat loss and weight gaining journeys—and yes I did just say “weight gaining journey.”

The Fat Loss Jumpstarter Kit reveals some of my very own personal stories about struggling with how to lose fat sustainably and how I gained weight in pursuit of a thinner body.


Table of Contents

  •  Introduction       tall pink
  • What is Normal Progress?
  • When Should You Start to See Progress?
  • Tools of the Trade
  • Water Consumption Rule
  • Weight Loss vs Fat Loss
  • Set a Schedule for Movement
  • What type of Exercise Should You Be Doing?
  • How Many Calories Should You Be Eating?
  • Should You Be Meal Prepping?
  • Reaching Out

Plus *two* Bonus Chapters:

———> Why Protein?

 ———>What Does Short-Term Progress Look Like?

CoverShot JSEB

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