If you know me well you know that I am pretty dang motivated. I like to get up early, push myself, set several goals a year etc. and honestly there are certain things in my life of which I don’t feel I would ever need a coach.

However there have been a few times were I need advice here and there and I want to “call an expert.”

Maybe you an relate?


Often times we don’t feel ready for a coach, it isn’t the right time for you to ¬†hire a full time coach.

It might not make sense for you if you feel you do not want or need the coach for accountability. However a one-time consultation could help you if you are trying to figure out if what you are doing IS in fact on the right track?

Cut out the guess and check stage, let me help you get on a plan.

I am now offering a one-time macronutrient consultation for clients across the country.

This service offers the ability to hop on a phone call with me, discuss your goals, lifestyle, timelines, exercise and current diet and offer tweak and guidelines for fat loss.

I want to be able to help as many people as possible and the bottom line is that everyone works at their own pace and some people are more internally driven than others.

Some people do not do well with external motivation. No matter what everyone wants to know if what they are doing on their own will work.

It’s like if you were writing a paper or executive summary for work or preparing a presentation having someone go over our work before the publication or presentation of it.

Does this sound like you?


Let’s say you can’t afford a full time coach? You would prefer to just spend a tiny upfront fee that is less than one fourth of the normal coaching fee in order to obtain personalized guidelines and have a plan to follow?

If this sounds like it’s up your alley, email me at gwcrof@gmail.com or submit a form on the “contact me” tab of my website.

You got this!







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