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Disclaimer: this first CROF weekly update is rather lengthy… the client spotlight is extra long because this young woman’s story is so incredible I couldn’t not share.

Personal updates:

This past week I had an amazing photo shoot with Jess McDougall.

Jess is a friend of Jordan’s and an incredible photographer! (Not to mention a amazing, strong, funny, sweet and SMART lady)!

Check out this unedited outtake– so fun!! I love it! Thanks, Jess!

outtake shoot

On Monday I cooked tilapia and steak to kick off Jordan’s birthday week the best way. Needless to say, he loved dinner (he had two 4 oz steaks, but who’s counting).

tilapia dinner

Friday morning I taught my first full CYC ride to my fellow cytologists in training!

Friday night Jordan and I celebrated with some friends and family on my roof!

Saturday night Jordan and I went to Mistral… and I broke my own rule when it comes to nutrition… To learn more about that, sign up for the #daretomove Motivator and you will understand what I mean.


I have been working up to a chin-up with the  24 kg kettlebell for six months and I am getting so close!!!

On Monday I hit an all time personal record with the 22 kg (48.2 lbs) kettlebell!

Attaining the 24kg chin-up is an integral piece to the Iron Maiden Challenge in the StrongFirst world.

To complete the Iron Maiden Challenge you must do the following exercises with the 24kg bell: pistol squat, pull-up, overhead press. I am getting closer to the pull-up and press! Still need to work on the pistol… womp womp…

Also this week I have been spinning like a maniac! CYC Boston is ALMOST HERE!!!! All of us Cycologists in training are counting down the days and practicing the BEST rides… EVER.

TONS TONS TONS of AWESOME training with incredible people!! But with all of the CYC Boston training for the new studio opening… my legs are wiped!

I was still able to Deadlift 215 for 2×3 Saturday, sumo style… a new PR!!

What I am reading:

1. “Whey Protein 101” via Authority Nutrition

2. “Eliminating Jet Lag: strategies to reduce, even avoid symptoms”  via Precision Nutrition

3. “Here’s why you are always hungry” via Precision Nutrition

4. “Be a walking billboard for female confidence” via JillFit Physiques

5. The Top 7 best books for nutrition coaches” by Syatt Fitness

6. “Bananas 101” via Authority Nutrition

7. “The world’s healthiest foods that are actually making you fat” via Syatt Fitness

8. “5 Best exercises ever” by Dean Somerset via T-Nation

9. “Sleep: what the research actually says” via Eric Cressey

10. “How to thrive in the sedentary world” via Crossroads of Fitness

11. “In Defense of Crossfit” via Rob the Trainer

Favorite exercise spotlight: see-saw press


Try incorporating this exercise in the following circuit:

8 goblet squats

12 see-saw presses (6/arm)

12 lateral ski hops (6/leg)

10 renegade rows on the kettle bells (5/arm)

repeat 5 times.

Client Spotlight: Erin

Erin and I met in college at Miami University. She took all of my spinning classes.

As a #daretomove Motivator newsletter member she WON a free #daretoeat program with me!

I couldn’t have had a better person win the free program!

Erin started at 136 pounds and is currently 125.4 pounds in 10 weeks.

week 10 erin

left is 136 pounds; right is 125 pounds.

week 10 back erin

left is 136 pounds, right is 125 pounds


She looks amazing!!

But what is even cooler is that she has followed my strength program four days a week and has learned how to lift barbells.

She is now deadlifting 135 for 5, squatting 150 beltless, and benching 100 pounds!!! Check out her 3×3 squat at 150 pounds!

Erin’s story:

 I was the girl who was over-the-top, crazy obsessed with daily cardio workouts, unknowingly consumed a diet almost entirely of carbohydrates and very little protein, and most times, had a very low self-esteem. I would become extremely anxious, upset, and mad at myself if I missed even one of my daily, or twice daily, hour-long cardio workouts. I wasn’t seeing any results from the insane effort I was putting in at the gym, so I began trying to restrict my food intake. However, I was eating all of the wrong foods without even realizing it, and I was not properly fueling my body for the results that I so desperately wanted to see. My goal that I wanted to achieve was fat loss, and ultimately lose the 10 pounds I have wanted to get rid of for the past several years, but I had no idea how to do it.

One day, as a subscriber to Garrett’s “Crossroads of Fitness” website, I received an email mentioning a 12-week nutrition and strength training program that she was offering free to the first two clients to respond.

Ironically, I was just walking out of the gym, after just completing my normal cardio routine, and for some reason, something drove me to respond. I typed a reply as quickly as I could and hit “send,” and next thing I knew, I was told that I was one of the individuals selected.

To be completely honest, I was terrified as to what I had gotten myself into, and was not sure if I had what it takes to jump out of my comfort zone like this program would force me to do. Looking back, now, replying to that email was truly the best thing I have ever done, and it has given me the opportunity of a lifetime and the ability to change the way that I live forever.

With Garrett as my coach, I began focusing on strength training over cardio, and above all else, I was told that I would be focusing on my nutrition. This was a HUGE change for me.

For the past almost ten years, I had been solely concerned with the incorporation of intense cardio in my daily routine, and my diet was always secondary. I truly believed that no matter what I was eating, as long as it wasn’t “too much,” (whatever that meant…) and as long as I was sweating every single day, I should be able to lose weight.

Garrett transformed the way that I view fitness, and truly transformed the way that I live.

She has taught me new lessons every single week that we have been working together on how to strength train while maintaining a caloric deficit, incorporating a much larger amount of protein into my diet than I was used to every single day.

She taught me that strength training wasn’t necessarily about sweating at all, and wasn’t something I needed to do every day.

It required hard work on my training days, lifting heavier and/or with better form each week, and staying focused on my goal. I quickly learned how essential her lessons truly were to achieving results, and was truly shocked by the progress I was already able to see in my first set of pictures taken after just four weeks into the program. By week 8, I was more confident in my nutrition program, feeling stronger than I have ever felt before in the gym, and feeling better about myself than I ever have in my entire life. Even better, my next set of progress pictures showed it.

Garrett’s constant, unwavering support is what helped me to begin to believe in myself. She has been my role model from day one as my spinning and TRX instructor at Miami University, and now, even more than before, I look up to her and am inspired by her strength, passion, and love for fitness and nutrition. I couldn’t have made the progress I have had so far without her as my coach, and I am not done here. She has inspired me to continue to set and reach more goals, and my passion for strength training is only just beginning.

With Garrett’s advice, I hope to one day compete in a Powerlifting Meet, which I never in a million years believed that was something I could even consider.
If you are struggling to reach your own fitness goals, Garrett can help you! She is the best coach I could have ever asked for. All it takes is you, taking the scary step outside your comfort zone…

Like G always says, dare to move!



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