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I am currently writing to you from Las Vegas! In case you were wondering what the Paris’s gym looks like, it is amazing!!
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Personal updates:

This week I had an amazing photo shoot for CYC Boston!!!


CYC Fitness is a new studio coming to the David Barton’s Gym at the Park Plaza hotel in Boston.

Although it is technically a spinning workout, it really is “the whole body, the whole time.”

At CYC we ride to the beat of the music– if you are into music at all, THIS is the place to exercise. The music is always on point!


I must admit, this week was very challenging with nutrition for me personally. I came into the week after a weekend of a lot of indulgences and on Monday without thinking about it I ate broccoli, cabbage and brussels sprouts because I was craving them!

Needless to say, my stomach was very uncomfortable the entire evening.

What’s worse, the previous weekend I haphazardly ate gluten (there was a LOT of cake with Mother’s day and birthdays) and I still felt crappy. Because having a gluten allergy doesn’t elicit the same immediate traumatic response as say, a peanut allergy, it is sometimes very hard to say just say “no” to it.

I needed to re-set on Wednesday morning, do a little meditating and remember to take my own advice.

If you haven’t read my article on “Four things most people don’t consider about vegetables,” check it out!

By Thursday I felt much better all around.


Monday I hit the 22 kg chin-up again [thank goodness] and three sets of one chin up with the 20 kg bell.

Next week I am shooting for two reps with the 22 kg bell.

On Wednesday morning I really wanted to get a good pump in my back and glutes and did the following workout:

sample back:bis

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On Thursday I matched last week’s 3 rep deadlift PR (215 pounds) !!!! After that top set of three, I dropped down to 205 for one rep, and then 200 pounds for three reps. I was glad I had time to fit it in during this crazy week!

What I am reading:

1. “20 most weight loss friendly foods on the planet” via Authority Nutrition

2. “The truth about overeating” via The PTDC

3. “More consensus on coffee benefits than you might think” via NYT

4. “Constipation got you feeling crappy? 8 simple tips to get relief” via The Girls Gone Strong

5. “How your mental Cycle may Affect your training” via The Girls Gone Strong

6. “How to Fix Butt Wink” via The PTDC

7. “The Gluten-Free Diet: Everything you need to know (Literally)” viz Authority Nutrition

8. “6 Tips for the Occasional Runner” via Crossroads of Fitness.

9. “When ‘Just Lose More Fat’ is Not the Answer” via SoheeFit

10. “Deadlift Mastery: Paused Dadlifts” via AdamPine.com

11. “Mach 10 Workout: Kettlebell Swing an Goblet Squat Ladder” via Onit

Favorite exercise spotlight: Single-Leg Hip Thrust


Try incorporating the single-leg hip thrust exercise in the following circuit:

20 walking lunges (10/leg)

Single leg hip thrust (10/leg)

24 alternating hamer curls

Weighted Step-ups (10/leg)

repeat 4-5 times.

Client Spotlight: Katie

laura before and after

For the past twelve weeks Katie and I have been working together on her nutrition and let me tell you, she is KILLING IT.

I love working with Katie because she is always striving to better herself.

Whether it’s on her mindset, her running times, her squats, her flexibility, her headstands– she is the definition of a “Go-Getter.”

However, being a Go-Getter can be tough at times when you want to see measurable progress everyday, especially when it comes to the scale.

It’s tough when you put a lot of pressure on yourself.

Some days can be a struggle just to maintain initial weight loss strides  when life throws you late work meetings, last minute blind dates and random engagement parties.

From week eight to week 12, Katie ditched the scale. It was messing with her mindset. She was losing inches, but not pounds and it was making her have some feelings of defeat; meanwhile, all I could see was progress in her photo updates!

One of Katie’s goals was to fit into this beautiful skirt for work.

laura skirt side

The other day she sent me a text that read, “The skirt has  left the building.”

I got chills.

As you can see, her progress speaks for itself. But what I love is how strong she is. I love how proud she is. I love how far she has come with the habits she has developed and strategies for consistency.

Katie has taken the #daretomove & #daretoeat mantra and made it as much as I could ever hope for in her life. Go Katie!!

Here’s Katie’s side of the story:

This has been a very steady ride and process. I was hesitant at the beginning that Garrett didn’t say, “We have 3 months, you’ll definitely be exactly at the weight you want by then.”

She said, “Follow me, I’ll teach you, and I guarantee you’ll see progress.”

What was interesting is that I started to shift my entire thought process because of this guidance.

I focused more on becoming an athlete again – I am back to playing competitive sports and lifting heavy in the gym. Even though my goal was to lose weight, it was truly to “lose fat and get lean – to feel like myself.”


With this in mind, Garrett and I decided to throw out the scale almost a month ago. Instead, I made other goals – like fitting into a favorite skirt – that are really what we all want when we say we want to “lose weight,” right? This has been incredibly rewarding as I try on clothes each week and enjoy living my life in them, without the pressure of what the scale says.

Mind you, we will re-introduce the scale this week and I plan to use it consistently going forward as a baseline and accountability check for myself. I’m excited to continue on with Garrett until I reach my fitness and weight, strike that, physique goals. 🙂

One other nugget….Garrett is amazing at tailoring her plan to the client. I said I want to eat real food that I like; not diet / processed food that I had to choke down. I said I’d like to wake up early to work out, but she pushed back and said, “Do you go to bed early enough to do that?” She is a constant stream of positive reinforcement, and course correction when needed.




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