Welcome to the Crossroads of Fitness Weekly Update!

Last week was a short and BUSY week for me but very exciting.

I am currently writing to you from good ‘ole Fishers, Indiana and feeling pretty dang sore.


Not sure if I am sore from deadlifting 225 yesterday or wiping out on a wake surf and being pummeled by my dad several times.

Check out this wipe-out video:

Today I am headed to see one of my best college friends, Bailey, to celebrate her engagement to her handsome, lovely boyfriend Nick.

Before heading out I want to leave you guys with some updates about my training, #bikiniprep and nutrition!

Don’t miss the exercise video of the week and my client spotlights at the end!

If you are new to the #Daretomove Motivator, today you will receive not only my Weekly Update, but my latest update to my macros and calories in my #Bikiniprep. This past week marked 11-weeks out!



Sunday: Deadlifts (finally!!!!)

On Sunday I was finally feeling good enough to sumo deadlift again. I didn’t take it super heavy. I did 3 sets of 3 at 210 and a few sets of 5 at 205. They all felt fast. Then I added reps to my sumo RDLs this week and new to my training this week I added some weighted glute-ham raises. At the end of my training I finished with clam shell pop-ups shown in the third video below.

Monday: More glute work

I hit reverse lunges (9 reps this week), weighted step-ups, push presses and bodyweight pull-ups

Tuesday: abbreviated upper body day

I was short on time but made sure to hit 3×3 bench at 95, a set of 2 at 100, and try out a 1RM at 110 (I felt strong and rested and wanted to go for it). Then I got in some lat pulldowns with slow eccentric, bicep curls and tricep push downs.

Wednesday: rest

Thursday: weighted chins, hip thrusts, and heavy squats

I typically squat on Fridays but knew that getting up at 3:18 a.m. for a 5:30 a.m. flight Friday morning would not bode well for heavy squats. I decided getting in my training on my busy Thursday was going to be my best bet.

I was feeling strong and hit one top set of 2 at 185.

Then dropped weight and went up the ladder and finished at 8 reps at 145. I only had time to get in this new squat ladder before I had to teach, therefore I finished my training at Titan Barbell after I trained my client Kati.

At Titan I hit three sets of two chin-ups with the 16kg kettlebell and two singles with the 20 kg kettlebell.

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Deadlifts and Wakeboarding

I weighed in at 114.2 and thought there was maybe a chance I could hit 230 for an all time personal record of two times bodyweight! I wasn’t feeling my absolute strongest but felt good enough to decide to lift heavy.

I came very close and decided to not go fro the 1RM.

Without chalk and with the most annoying plates ever I tried 225. I did 5 reps at 205 and then hit 3 at 225. Yes, my back is rounded, but I feel strong with my tailbone tucked under and I feel zero pain. Pain-free is my kind of deadlift.

My favorite part of training yesterday was a kettlebell workout I did with my mom after we did some deadlifts!

Try it at home:

1) 5 double KB cleans, 5 double KB squats, 1 press (4 rounds)

2) split squat row 6/arm, kneeling press 8/arm, 10 KB pull overs (three rounds)

3) KB swings I-go-you-go 10 reps


This week was great for nutrition. My plan was to try and hit 1250 calories every day. I ended up averaging 1398. However, 1400 is a very slight deficit for my bodyweight and with my activity level of teaching 10 classes this week and two in-person training sessions, I think 1400 is OK as an average.

Did I mention I taught spinning Sunday through Thursday?

Here is my #11weeksout progress photo taken on Wednesday morning after going out to dinner Tuesday night and have a cocktail.


This coming week I plan to try and hit 1250 again and actually attain my goal if it feels feasible.

I keep reminding myself nothing is perfect– except consistency; being consistent with myself is as close as I come to being perfect.

This week I ate a lot of eggs and oats and a TON of deli-meat. For some odd reason I couldn’t stop eating deli meat I was craving it.

If you want to see my complete macros and weight tracker, sign up for the #Daretomove Motivator and you will receive the most recent update today.

What I am Reading:

1. How hormones affect hunger via Girls Gone Strong

2. When Pain Happens via Mobility 101

3. Random Thoughts on Sports Performance Training Installment 13 via Eric Cressey

4. Steroids for Strength and Sports via Strength Theory

5.  3 Unconventional things to do when you don’t want to exercise via Jillfit

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7. Random Thoughts – When Being Anatomically Jacked Can Benefit You and A Valgus Collapse Epiphany via Bret Contreras

8. The Right Way to Implement Ramping Sets for Strength via Eric Bach

9. Assessment Protocols: There’s No One Right Way via Tony Gentilcore

10. How to go back to the gym via Bryan Krahn

Exercise Video Spotlight:

Barbell Rainbows with a Sorinex landline are a personal favorite. You can see Coach Nick Tuminello doing them in the video below.

I absolutely love these and find them to be highly effective for core stability. They give me the ab burn I desire too.

However, when coaching at Barry’s Bootcamp Boston we do not have access to this equipment. In order to mimic the anti-rotation drill, I have clients do a supine version with a dumbbell on their decks.

See how I adapt the movement for my clients at Barry’s in the second video and try them at home!

Client Spotlight(s):


My Client Kati is one the hardest working clients I have. She never misses a lift and trains with me two times per week. She is getting SUPER close to unassisted chin ups, is deadlifting 100 pounds for 8 reps, back squats 85 pounds like a boss and here she is doing some bent over rows with a pause.


Last week Jo hit 4 chin-ups unassisted for am all-time PR. This week she did five reps! However, just this morning she sent me a new video– SIX chin-ups UNASSISTED! Go, Jo!!!

She is also leaning out by the minute. In just six weeks you can notice Jo’s insane progress 🙂

Jo 6 wk progress


My client Randi has had a hell of a summer. She is constantly traveling to and from Rhode Island, to NYC and actually recently moved there. She battles happy hours, backyard barbecues and lots of social settings. However she never misses a training session. She is talking with me daily and working her booty off.

In addition to lifting heavy we have added treadmill intervals and speed work to her training. The results speak for themselves. See below for six week progress update.

She has gotten SIGNIFICANTLY leaner.

Nice work, Randi! You are unstoppable!

Randi week 6


Ashley is an A+ client, she is always trying new recipes and making fun and exciting dishes to hit her numbers. The hard work is paying off and making the process more fun. This week she posted this photo of her in an outfit that did not fit just four weeks ago. It is important to note that Ashley and I have been working together for 12 weeks now and she is down just over 6 pounds. She has lost several inches too! Go, Ashley1



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