I am obsessed with this weather you guys.

In fact just yesterday I went all the way to Medford to do another “fun” workout half-inside, half -outside at Titan Barbell garage because it was so pretty. I love fresh air while training!

What’s even cooler is I got to train next to three Strong Woman competitors who are so good they are on their way to Nationals this coming weekend. Talk about inspiring!!!

It’s been a mellow, productive week and I am excited to have (hopefully) another week with this beautiful weather!

I was happy to get to see my good friend and client Tracey for lunch on Monday 🙂


We could easily be sisters.

In other news, my clients are ON FIRE this week!!!!! Make sure to check out the client spotlights this week!

One thing I am really excited about is that I am now working with four different families.

This means I am coaching more than three people within the same family. Their engagement with the #Daretoeat program is very high due to in-person accountability of family. It’s such a neat experience!

Enjoy this week’s update and I will talk with you all soon!


Sunday: rest

Last Sunday was the day after I did 3 single chin-ups with the 24 kilogram kettlebell. My back was sore and my abs were WRECKED. In fact I am pretty sure my abs were sore all week.

Monday: Squats + leisure walk

The belt is officially pretty darn loose. I did moderately heavy squats (this week was about maintaining strength, I did not increase any lifts) at 160 and 165 for sets of 8 reps. As you can see in the video below, I am not getting depth and I attribute that to the three layers I had on– they made me feel a little restricted and as if I was in fact hitting depth.

Next time, no sweatshirt. Thank goodness for filming. Then I did 1.5 RDLs, hip thrusts with 155, unweighted step ups and 45 degree hypers.

Here is just one snap shot format he lovely walk I took Monday night. I was thankful to have great catch-up calls with old friends while walking along the Charles.


Views like this make it easy to walk for an hour along the water

Tuesday: push muscles

I was so tired on Tuesday and my back was WRECKED from Monday’s training that I focused ONLY on push muscles.

I benched with a slow eccentric, I did regular sets of 5 with 95 pounds, tricep push downs, kettlebell presses and diamond push ups.

In my opinion, being successful on any program is learning to be adaptable.

Wednesday: Taught two Cyc classes (one was a charity event) and did upper pull muscles

I taught my normal 8 a.m. Cyc class which was a blast!

Wednesday evening I was asked to teach a private charity ride to the ladies of Junior League Boston. It was SUCH a passionate group of women, I had a blast!


Before the class I did four sets of five chin ups with a slow eccentric, bicep curls, hammer curls, and lat pull downs.

Thursday: attempted deadlifts

On Thursday I wanted to try and deadlift, however, 205 and 215 felt heavy so I decided to stay on the lighter side but challenged myself in a different way. I tried paused deadlifts for the first time! They were very, very difficult to keep form.

After the paused deadlifts I did the following QUICK circuit:

  • bulgarian split squats with the smith machine
  • 45 degree hypers
  • hip thrusts with a barbell

Friday: Quick FUN movements

On Friday I trained two clients in person and taught at Barry’s. It was a busy day but I was glad to fit in a fun little workout involving:

  • handstands
  • forward crawling
  • lateral crawling
  • backward crawling
  • sprints

Saturday: total body + deadlifts

I felt well-rested after 9 hours of sleep so I wanted to try and deadlift. I was able to hit 205 for two sets of three and 215 for a set of three.

Afterwards I did:

  • speed deadlifts (two reps every 30 seconds for 5 minutes)
  • front squats
  • heavy chin-ups (8 singles with the 20 kg bell)
  • lateral band walks
  • push presses


This week I wrote about my #BikiniPrep 8-Weeks Out: Powerbuilder Status.

Check out that article for precise details on what I am eating and how I am feeling.

I feel OK when it comes to my progress, not the best.

It was a very challenging week for me and I didn’t let me nutrition get out of control but I didn’t feel the greatest about myself.

The reason I felt crappy was no sleep. I think as soon as I get more hours like I did Friday and Saturday nights I am MUCH happier, less hungry and more productive.

If I could sleep in until 10 a.m. everyday I would be KILLING this bikini prep for sure.

However, that’s not my life right now and I have to learn how to make this work for me in the present time and not dwell on “I wish this or that” mindset.

I also wrote an article this week about Guilt and giving it up.

On Saturday I practiced my own mantra of letting go of guilt and trusting the numbers (IIFYM approach) and got a donut at Dunkin before I lifted to have the perfect post workout snack ready to go!

I ended up eating it like a little kid and only eating the icing off of the top 🙂

My bodyweight was hovering around 116 this week, but nothing to stress, I lifted a LOT of weights this week and that tends to make it rise.



Here are my 8 weeks out photos. Those of you who know me well know that I CRINGE posting these and hate it but it’s part of the process. This week I did not post these on instagram because it’s really not what I love but it’s HUGE for accountability and after all, I am only accountable to me (I do not have a coach).

What I am Reading:

  1. Exercise during pregnancy Infographic via Precision Nutrition
  2. Minnesota Honda Dealership via Minnesota CBS Local
  3. 7 Things all Athletes need to do via JTS Strength
  4. When in doubt think Strength and Conditioning via StrengthCoach.com
  5. Eliminate guilt, get results via Crossroads of Fitness
  6. Beyond Kombucha: The Fizzy, Healthy World of Fermented Drinks via TakePart.com
  7. Is there an optimal training split? via Smoot Fitness
  8. How to weight train without getting hurt via Bryan Krahn
  9. Reflections on Westside via JTS Strength
  10. Quick and Easy Ways o Move Better and Feel Better via Eric Cressey

Exercise video of the week: lateral lunge with a pulse

Learning to trust that SIDE BOOTY 🙂

I love this exercise for several reasons

  1. for runners, training the gluteus medius muscle is very important in order to maintain strong controlled hips and gait when running.
  2. We are always moving forward and backward in the sagittal plane, it is key to move in the frontal plane because it works other muscles and trains the brain to tell the muscles to move in a different pattern.
  3. these are fun and they make me sore whenever I incorporate them in my training.
  4. Try this exercise after you are warm and do three sets of 6 to 10 repetitions.

Client Spotlight(s):

The first two stories about some really inspirational women who came to me AFTER losing wight on their own in incredible amounts.

Both women below lost over twenty pounds on their own and came to me to push through their plateaus. I am inspired by them daily. They both are super focused, passionate and driven women. I enjoy every second working with them!


Sheehan and I have been working together for 12 weeks and she has lost 10 pounds! It is important to know that Sheehan is a very self-motivated girl. Sheehan does something active everyday. She does comment service and has a fun part-time job in the event planning industry on the side of her full-time job in marketing. No matter what her schedule entailed Sheehan strategized, packed her own food and kept me in the loop 100% of the time.

Her results speak for themselves. To say I am proud is an understatement.

Here are the original first-ever before until now:


Here are the pre-#Daretoeat and post #daretoeat photos:

PreD and PostD


Taylor’s progress is  a short story on what short-term progress can look like. Here you can see she has lost 6.5 pounds in 7 weeks of her #Daretoeat Program.

Similar to Sheehan, Taylor’s “before #daretoeat photo” shown below is actually the result of losing about 20 pounds on her own before working with me! She is also HIGHLY motivated and striving to get exactly what she wants.

She is a nurse and has a crazy sleep schedule. Taylor has attended to two weddings and been on the road more than she would like throughout these past 7 weeks. I am so impressed with her work I had to share her Friday cheek-in update!

Here are pre-#Daretoeat and 7-weeks in:

Taylor 7 weeks

Taylor’s first ever before photos:

Beginning taylor

This girl is so inspiring!!!!!!!

Kati’s AMRAP Chin-ups:

My client Kati is one of the most dedicated people I know when it comes to training. She lifts heavy with me twice a week and never gives up. Each week we find a way to challenge her lifts and this week she did an AMRAP finisher on her last set of chin-ups. I old her to strive for 6 to 8 and she crushed 10 reps!!! Go, Kati!!!!

Carol’s two week update:

My new client Carol and I have had four sessions together and let me tell you, she is one of the most naturally strong people I have ever met. I put together a video montage of her training on Friday because I am so proud of the leaps forward she has made in just four sessions! Her favorite exercise is the lateral lunge (not shown) and she is getting really good at the roll-to-elbow drill. Go, Carol!


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